Assignment # 4 – Soap Testing – A Continuation

Additional Soap Testing was required for previous Failures and the Testing is designed as follows:

The Soap to be tested this week shall be a big white bar of Ivory and be tested as previously. Each morning with her shower using the Ivory, she is also to clean the inside of her mouth during her shower. She shall soap up her pink soft sponge completely and shove it in her mouth for the entire shower. At night before going to bed, she shall test the Ivory as a soap-paste and brush her teeth thoroughly.

My memories of this are not good. This was the Soap my Mother and Aunt used to punish us when we talked back. They thoroughly washed our mouths out and I remember it always being terrible.

I was not looking forward to this, I hope, final Soap Test.

The Testing started on Monday Morning with a new Terrible addition. When I took my shower in the Morning I was required to fully soap up my pink fluffy scrubby sponge and stuff it in my mouth for my Shower. A disgusting thought. The nighttime activities were as before. A pretty nightgown and a thorough brushing. Spitting was allowed, but no rinsing. I did as told and it was not nice.


Well this continued day after day for the rest of the week and did not get any less disgusting or terrible.


Well finally the week is done and the Test Results for this week are in.

Test Sample: Ivory Soap Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) Test Rating (1-5)

* Smell – 2 – Very little smell and not carry over smell. Not Feminine in Smell.
* Cleaning – 3 – I felt clean, so I guess it works well.
* Lingering smell for the girls at work – 1 – Not any girly fragrance.

Soap-Paste Test Sample : Ivory Soap Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) Test Rating (1-5)

* How it tasted – 4 – It was disgusting bringing back memories of a little boy punishments. Bad
* How long did it last – 3 – It lasted all morning and I tasted it on my lips. It lasted a long time.

Thank Goodness this is over. Soap tastes really bad. I must admit, though, that it is a good sissy punishment.

Also, when buying this soap I did not see any other brands of soap. Other flavors, but I do believe I have tested all the normal soaps and hope this is it.

My testing by now should have given the Mistresses more then enough information to punish their Sissies.

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Grading for sissy billy’s Assignment # 4 – Soap Testing (Refer to Assignment # 1 for Grading Procedure)

• I only see pictures of you in two Nightgowns – Therefore only two documented nights of Soap-Paste Brushing. What happened to the other three nights. – Minus 3 Points.

Final Grade is D = ( 1.0 )

Your average is still a D + ( 1.5).

Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

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