Fantasy Island – After the Homecoming Loss

Oh My – yet another trip to Fantasy Island. On a previous trip I was nominated as an honorary member of the Fantasy Island Cheerleader Squad. It was not an honor for me, but a very humiliating experience. I mistakenly caused our team to loose by falling (I think I was pushed by the other Cheerleaders) onto the field causing a stoppage of play as we were going to score and as a result we lost. It was all my fault.

Now, as I got off the Ferry, Mistress smiled as she always did as the Cheer-leading Squad rushed out of the building, grabbed me and took me into the Cheerleader’s Locker Room. Today was just a practice of the Ladies Soccer Team, but they were told and remembered how I had ruined the Boys Football Game. I was told that they were looking to punish me for being such a bad Sissy Cheerleader. Girls can be so mean.

Another Fantasy Island Experience begins:

I was taken to the Cheerleaders Locker Room (It was more like a Ladies Beauty Salon) for preparation. First my toenails were polished Pink, then my Fingernails polished Pink and finally a Pink Bra (stuffed) and a Pink thong and Pink Panties. Everything was Pink and Humiliating.

Then I was dressed (Unlike the other Girl Cheerleaders that had on typical Cheering Outfits) in a very frilly, a very Pink, a very little Girl Feminine and a very humiliating Sissy Cheer-leading Outfit. I was mortified as I was led out on the Girl’s Soccer Field. They all stopped and started laughing and ridiculing me and calling me a Sissy. There were many other people watching the practice and they also took their turn in humiliating me.

It was a long and humiliating two hours of practice and the Girls made me cheer constantly as they stood around and made fun of me. Finally the practice was over and I knew the real fun would start, for them. I knew my punishment was coming.

I was crying even thinking about it as they led me back into the Cheerleader’s Room. I was bent over, my ass exposed and paddled until it was Pink. I was then handed the full bulging enema bag and stood in the middle of the Room as the Girls teased me more. Then I was bent over again and the enema nozzle was shoved in and released. I cried as it quickly filled me. It was terrible.

I was led to a corner to stand as it emptied causing me much cramping and I cried. Finally it was empty. Then they put a blindfold on me. I was really scared now as I would no longer know what they were doing. All I could hear was their giggling.

Then, blindfolded, I was led into another room. From the sounds I knew it was the Girl’s Soccer Team Room and the laughter was immediate. I was led to the showers, placed in the corner of the shower and told to stand very still or I would be punished severely. I was to stand there for an hour. The laughter and teasing was bad, but the enema in me was even worst as the cramps were unbearable. I knew I could never do this for an hour. After about 30 minutes it started to leak and dribble down my leg. The laughter was very humiliating as they giggled each time I leaked, but I could not stop the leaking. Finally the hour was up, but my panties were drenched. They pulled them down and I left them on the floor of the shower.

A lesson I learned early in my Sissy Punishments was that whenever you thought things could not get any worst, they most certainly did.

I was then led (still blindfolded) and pantyless out of the shower and back into the Locker Room. I was told that in front of all the Girls I was to practice my oral technique. I was mortified. I was then forced to practice first on the Dildo and then on the Vagina. The Girls shouted – “Suck that Dildo” and then “Lick that Vagina”. I was so embarrassed and humiliated as the Girls giggled, laughed and shouted at me.

I collapsed crying on the bench when they finally relented and said I was done. Laughing, they all left the Locker Room and I was finally alone. Sobbing, I quickly undressed and left my humiliating Sissy Cheerleaders outfit on the floor in a heap (not caring if I would be punished for careless treatment of my feminine things) and left Fantasy Island.

I am so glad that I have finally completed all my Trips to this magical, but horrible, terrible, humiliating place and hope never to return.


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Assignment # 5 Grading for sissy billy’s Assignment # 5 – Fantasy Island Cheerleader – Aftermath (Refer to Assignment # 1 for Grading Procedure)

• Would have liked to see a picture documentation of you in corner of shower leaking your punishment Enema – Minus 1 point.
• Failure to turn in assignment on Time – Minus 1 point.

Final Grade is C = ( 2.0 )

Your average is still a D + ( 1.6).

Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

Sounds like You need another “DO_OVER”

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