“sissy billy’s” Rehabilitation Summer – Assignment # 02 – Her Monthly “Period”

I received a Letter from my “Auntie Flo” last Saturday informing me that my feminine Monthly “period” was to begin again and it was indeed to be a horrible girlie “period” because I had missed so many.

I was instructed to prepare as I did when I had my last “period” and went to the store to buy what was needed.


Then I began to worry about how bad it would be and how much it would hurt. A Girlie “Period” is not a lot a fun. And then it began.

Sunday – 4/29/12

I was instructed to wear a bra two sizes to small, rough up my nipples with sandpaper, apply icy hot and put a stuffed bra on. Oh!! My nipples were so sore and hurt a lot. I also had to drink 2 gallons of water, take 2 feminine laxatives and wear and overnight Sanitary Napkin to bed. I imagine my breasts and nipples hurt just like a girl and I felt so bloated.

Monday – 4/30/12

I had to drink 3 gallons of water today, take 2 more feminine laxatives, wear a maxi Sanitary Napkin all day. When I got home at night I had to dress nicely and then I was given a 2 quart enema and when I asked to relieve myself, I was immediately filled up again. The cramps wear unbearable, but unrelenting for 4 hours. It would be tough to imagine that a Girl ever had worst cramps then I had.


Tuesday – 5/1/12

Another day of wearing Sanitary Napkins and taking feminine laxatives. I had an upset stomach all day and then when I got home I once again had to dress and the enema procedures and severe cramping began all again. It was absolutely horrible.


Wednesday – 5/2/12

Another day like before, except there were not any enema procedure, just cramping from all the laxatives. I did have to constantly wear Sanitary Napkins and Tampons. This was almost as terrible and I had to change them every 4 hours. A girl must really get tired of this. My stomach still hurt from the cramping from the previous two days.


Thursday and Friday – 5/3/12 & 5/4/12

The last two days of my “period” where just uncomfortable and a royal pain in my sissy “vagina” I constantly wore Sanitary Napkings and Tampons and changed them every four hours. I also wore my stuffed bra and Nightgown every night.

[![](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/05/sissybilly_120504-003t.jpg )](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/05/sissybilly_120504-003s.jpg)
[![](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/05/sissybilly_120505-007t.jpg )](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/05/sissybilly_120505-007s.jpg)

Having your feminine “Period” certainly is not pleasant and I am not looking forward to next month’s “Period”.


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Nice to see You following thru with completed assignmets. Hope it all wotks out well fot You………

I don’t know how well it is working for me, but Mistress tells me that I will get practice at least once a month.

Grading for sissy billy’s Assignment # 2

Refer to Assignment # 1 for Grading Procedure. I will interpret correct application of all of “Auntie Flo” requirements per her email to sissy billy on Saturday.

Assignment # 2 – sissy billy’s “Period”
Sunday – Acceptable – Remain at an A (4.0)
Monday – Did not apply Nipple Pins with each trip to the Ladies Room. You get a -1 = B.
Tuesday – Did not eat your baby food meals or take your Castor Oil Medicine as prescribed. You get a -2 = D.
Wednesday – Did not eat your baby food meals or take your Castor Oil Medicine as prescribed. You get a -2 = F-.
Thursday – Improper meals and did not take your follow up slow leaking Corn Syrup enema before going to bed. You get a -2 = F—.
Friday – sissy billy’s “Period” ended.

Final Grade – F = ( 0.0 )

Your average is now a (.5). You need a solid A on your next assignment to just get to a C-. You must have a C average to graduate. Mistress Katzenburg mentioned to me that you may need some extra credit assignments to make up failing grades if necessary. You definitely do not want to go there. I would try very hard if I were you.

Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

Per my Mistress’s Instructions I am to detail my monthly “Period” here each month.

My “period” came a little early on Tuesday, May 29. I was not expecting it till later in the week and my Cramping was severe for two days. I was forced to keep a two quart enema in me constantly from the time I got home until Bedtime. Oh, it hurt a lot. This was accompanied with Correctol and Castor Oil and a soft diet of Baby Food. Ick!!! and double Ick!!!. Of course, I protected myself with Maxi Pads, Overnight Sanitary Napkins and Tampons. Very Girlie and disgusting.

Thank Goodness it was a short “Period” this month and was over by Friday. Unfortunately, I know it will come again in a month. I am already starting to worry about my “Ovulation” Period in two weeks.

Not much fun, the life of a sissy girl.

Not much fun??? I’m enjoying Your rehabilation summer. More happiness comes from knowing it is not happening to me.

No it is not. I am glad someone is enjoying my rehabilation Summer. Please do not take this as being rude, but your happiness in knowing it is not you does not make me feel any better.

I think escape is impossible

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