Sissy Summer Dress Code – Panties, Thongs and Diapers

Sissy Summer officially started June 4 and to my dismay I was once again asked (Required) to participate. The “Girlie” Dress Code this summer was an alternating blend of Panties and Thongs every day. My weekend Dress Code remains in affect to my continuing discomfit.

I collected Panties (three) and Thongs (four) for each day of the week and laid them on the Bed for display and inspection by Mistress and then put them in my lingerie draw for use during the week.

Each Day I picked a new pair of Panties or a Thong and wore it for the day. I had forgot how uncomfortable wearing a Girls’ lacy thong could be. They certainly look pretty, but ICK!

And then there was the Friday Dress Code. I put on my Pantyhose over my Thong.

Then the weekend started as it has for the last few weeks. Each night I put on my nightgown at 6:00 PM and my diaper for the night. I was so tired of my diapers leaking and wetting the bed sheets, I put on my over-sized rubber diaper (even though it is very uncomfortable), stuffed it completely and at least I did not wet the Sheets or Bed.

That was my first week of Sissy Summer. Most unfair for being a naughty sissy. I have now completed a second week as I post this and it was was just as unpleasant. This is going to be a very very unpleasant Sissy Summer for this Sissy.


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Thanks for the pictures and updates. (chuckling) Don’t let anyone say You don’t have class. Even if i is summer school class. (Too funny)

I completely agree with the statement about thongs, alothough I still like to wear them. As far as assignments go this one sounds kind of fun to me.:)

I definitely agree with Bitch Baby Brianna Montana. Full satin panties go a long way toward brainwashing a sissy mind and body. I’ve never had the courage to have a panty drawer and physally replace all my male underwear with sissy panties. But the assignment plucks a chord deep in every sissy!

I LOVE TO WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM AND BE SENT TO HM OR THE CANE. Are there any others with similar need for humiliation and painful encouragement./ I need strapping and tawsing also over my school knickers and the bare.

I relate so much but have no time to write

I often look at the site and often have urges to continue my much needed trading. Unfortunately I am currently unable to participate and do not have pictures. However I still have a very active fantasy life, so please try to imagine and fantasize yourself what predicaments I continually get myself into. Smiling and grimacing at the same time.

whenn wearing my sissy, nylon,pink panties i feel sooo submissivve.


I deserve to be punished for being a sissy cross-dresser and need it so bad.

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