Summer School Session # 2 – June 18, 2012 through July 15, 2012:

Week 1 – Experiences of being a Baby – Sissy Student Assignment and Requirements

– Does not sleep in her big Girl Bed
– Her Bed shall be the Tub in Mistress’ Bathroom (it is about the size of a crib). The Sissy student shall setup the Tub with appropriate Bed Padding, Baby rubber sheeting and little Baby Sissy Girl sheeting. She will sleep in this each night
– Immediately when arriving at home, she is to go to the nursery, put on a diaper and rubber pants and baby romper set
– She shall insert her mouth spreader to promote sissy baby drooling
– From Monday till Friday the Sissy Baby will only eat Baby Food and Baby Formula
– Before going to Bed she will drink 32 oz of water and accept a “Fleet” enema to make sure she experiences the feeling of being a baby

Week 2 – This week will be devoted to her “period” week. Learning to become a young Lady is critical to her Sissy Development. This course is under the guidance of “Auntie Flo”. “Auntie Flo” will send her reminder and daily assignments prior to the School Week.

Week 3 – Housekeeping 101 – How a Sissy should keep Mistress’s House

– Immediately upon returning home she is to go to the dressing Room and put on her Maids Outfit for two hours of Housework
– Monday thru Friday – she is to complete a different Housekeeping duty each night
o Clean all the bathroom
o Clean the kitchen
o Wash all her Nighties and Panties, Iron and Fold
o Vacuum and dust all the rooms
o Act as the waitress, standing by the door for two hours holding a tray of drinks

Week 4 – Fashion Training – Sissy Dress-up Week

– Monday thru Friday – each night will be fancy dress-up
– Dress will be formal gowns and Thursday will be Bridal Gown night
– As a sissy “adult” she will practice her oral service each night
– Ultra feminine Negligee’s required for bed
– Relief and Slurping will be required before going to bed each Night

The “Institute” Mistress School Board has also reviewed sissy billy’s 1st Semester Records and while it’s review is not complete, it has been determined that since she is now on “Probation” the following shall be added to her school assignments. Her Progress is still being reviewed and it is anticipated that further disciplinary actions may be assigned.

Since she seems to be forgetful about her assignments and late in turning in several assignments, for the remainder of the summer, sissy billy is required to install a full time reminder that she is a sissy.

She is to obtain two dildos that can both be mounted on the wall. Each will be mounted 18 inches off the floor, next to the door leading to the garage (one on the inside, one on the outside). For the remainder of the summer, every time she enters (or leaves the house), she will

(1) Get on all fours
(2) Spend 15 seconds giving proper homage to the phallus
(3) Stand up and open the door

So, every time she goes through that door, she will practice her sissy oral servitude before going through the door. Her Mistresses think this will be a way to help her remember her place. Documentation of this shall be included in her first post and report.


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Home economics. Sometimes I am glad I don’t have to go to summer school. July 15th is a longgggggggggggggggg ways off, Your reminder really sucks. 15 seconds does not sound like much time butt then again it is not me doing it. Enjoy Your summer sissy. I will.

Oh My Goodess, I was not ready to go back to school yet.

I will prepare for the start of School Mistress.

(1) Starting tomorrow, all of sissy billy’s food this week is to look the same–to all be dyed a dark pink. Babies shouldn’t care what they are eating.

(2) The remaining Fantasy island trips MUST be finished before the end of this semester. No excuses.

Oh My Gosh,

(1) Yes Mistress Katzenburg, I will find and procure some dark pink coloring and will color my baby food Pink for the rest of my week.

I must, however, make a confession. I had to leave yesterday afternoon on a short travel assignment and will not return till late Wednesday Night. I will continue (or I should say start) my first weeks assignment on Wednesday Night. I am, however, in communication this morning and in the evening again and this was a frightening first email I read this morning.

(2) I do understand what MUST means Mistress Katzenburg, but OH MY GOSH. This is so much to do and accomplish in my second semester. This is so unfair and so hard. I will never be able to complete all these assignments in addition to my heavy workload. OH MY GOSH, this is really terrible.

However, I am a sissy client of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” and I formally accept this assignment per the Rules and Regulations. I will attempt to successfully complete all of these assignment by the end of this 2nd semester.

sissy billy

    Since you are complaining about a lack of time to get everything done, and you are already off taking a break, the baby food required for you first week will be extended at least until the third week. After talking with Mistress Rosemarie, I realized trying to slide your schedule would be murderous. So I just made your second week much harder.

      Yes Mistress Katzenburg, I understand and accept my fate. As is fit punishment for a delinquent sissy will endure and complete my assignments, as many as they may be, and to the best of my sissy ability. Until reminded by Mistress I had forgot my “Period” is also coming next week. I comes so quickly and is always so very uncomfortable.

      Mistress gave me my breakfast recipe. It sounded OK until the bender and soap part.

      I poured a bowl of cereal, added formula (ICK) and am letting it soak for 30 minutes while I shower. Then it is to be put in the blender until mush and soap added. I am sure it will taste delicious, not.

      I understand that all my food will now be blended to mush for the next three weeks. I am sure I will lose my appetite often over the next few weeks. A really tough weight loss diet.

      I will comply, sissy billy

I started my 1st weeks assignment of the 2nd semester and let me tell everyone that it was disgusting. This will be a difficult semester with so much to do and all the trips to Fantasy Island on Top of my course assignments.

Most unpleasant Summer so far.

Sissy Billy, I feel for You.

Mistress’s of the Sissy Summer School.

I was unfortunately unable to attend classes last week due to personal problems and with the 4th of July (a National Holiday that even a sissy should observe) in the middle of the week, I would like to request that the 2nd Semester be extended by one week.

Please, sissy billy

I have talked with Mistress Katzenburg and neither her nor I see this as anyone else’s problem but yours.

The Semester ends next Sunday night, so you have a lot to make up and it is anticipated that you will complete your class assignments completely, in full and on time.

When one falls behind in their class schedule, I always remember that you were just assigned double classes and double the homework.

Since you missed last week, Week 3 and Week 4 classes may be done concurrently.

And no complaining about the heavy class schedule as it was your lack of attendance last week that caused you to fall behind.

Mistress Rosemarie, Associate Mistress of “The Institute” Summer School.

Truancy! And You got caught in it. Would not want to be you.

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