Silly Sissies

I find it interesting that so many sissies claim that the want the training that is provided, but after being sent all of the information, there is never a response from the email I send. Some even get so excited that they fail to type in their email address correctly. Like this recent request from Amanda:

Hello Mistress,
I believe I am right for your institute because I have been pushing myself to go further down the feminization rabbit hole, but need an extra push to go that extra step. I crave someone to push me past my limits and i will follow all instructions.

Please note that I can’t get in touch with you if you fat finger your email address for me to reply to.

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While there is not a lot of activity at The “Institute” these days, I can assure you the Mistress Katzenburg is still watching as Mistress has several “Private Clients” these days that require special Sissy Training.
I was in Sissy Training a number of years ago as a Sissy to Mistress. I can personally say that while she is Strict and Demanding, she is the best Mistress a Sissy can have as a Mistress training a novice or even an experienced Sissy.
A Sissy always requires training and supervision and Mistress Katzenburg is the “Best”.
So to the “wannabe” Sissy above, if you wish to be an Obedient Sissy in Training, pay attention and learn to follow Sissy Rules and Requirements. .

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