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Rubberized Fishnets

A while back, Stacee Skye got an email from Sissymaid Patty who was extoling the virtues of the rubberized fishnet stockings that she wears as a part of her maid uniform:

The rubberized fishnets are perfect for a real French Maid to wear while actually doing cleaning, since they resist the bleach and other cleaning chemicals commonly used while cleaning toilets and restrooms. These tasks are important for my humility training and the lesbians I serve have me doing these chores all the time.

Until I started wearing the rubber fishnets, my maid service fishnet hose was always tattered and I was constantly disciplined for being “out of proper maid’s uniform”. The rubber fishnets solved this problem and now i could not imagine trying to properly serve my mistresses without them.

They are available in seamless or back seamed, and in nude to the waist or with a crotch panel to accommodate your chastity belt if you are required to serve in one. They are also available with sewn in rubberized comfort insole should you be permitted to wear those.

Of course, Stacee Skye had all of this information, but neglected to tell me or Mistress M about how they could be obtained and then used on her. Rather convenient.

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