Punishment Time

After The Ladies kept me bound for and hour and a half, they left me know that Mistress will be coming home this evening to punish me. She sent them a note:

> Yes, I think he could use some punishment. I’d just
> like him to be bound, trussed & Packaged. Clothing is
> optional & up to you.


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Alyssa– When we leave Stacee Skye for Mistress M to continue training, we need to make sure that she will be compelled to work and cannot escape. Leaving her packaged and trussed accomplishes these two goals.

To package her, we wrap her little “boy parts” in rope, cloths staps and the like, and sometimes include a remote vibrator. This way she can’t get too comfortable if she happens to get excited during her training. We have a set of leather straps to wrap her up with, but lately have been tying on some knee-high stockings which tend to work very well.

To keep her trussed, we lock on some chains to her cuffs to ensure that she will not be able to get away. The heavy chains have proven to be very effective in keeping her where she should be for Mistress M to find.

We hope that this answers your questions. Let us know if we can assist you further.

Dave–Thank you for the wonderful comments about the spanking that Mistress M gave Stacee Skye. She has been spending time, and will likely spend a lot more in the future, working on her spanking technique.

We have been investigating having her locked in a chastity device, but until she loses some more weight, the device that has been purchased, the CB-2000, will not fit him.

We may look at anal training in the future, but up to this point Mistress M has not expressed an interest in that–the conventional paddling has been very effective.

If you have further suggestions on how her training should proceed, plase feel free to post comments here or on our weblog which should be updated much more often in the future.

You dirty little sissy. No wonder you need strict training from those wonderful Women from the institute. I can see you are disobiedent. that spanking you received which left ur ass red even thru the nylons was much deserved. you are sooo lucky you have Women willing to take the time to train you. I think you should have ur worthless cock put into a metal chastity device with the Ladies taking turns holding the key. Who knows they may lose it. To truly serve you need to be anally trained also. i’m sure the Ladies will have great idea on how to make u serve them in that capacity.

“trussed and Packaged?” please explain. It sounds fun.

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