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But Not Too Much

I couldn’t help laughing at the dichotomy presented by this text and picture combination (both from the same application process):

> Thank you Mistress Katzenburg,
> I promise to do as you command, and I will answer whatever questions you have both promptly and honestly. Please don’t post the pictures you have of me please Mistress.


Stacee Skye: Dusting Off

Each time that I am dressed up as a maid, it seems I can get less and less work done. In addition to what you can see, I was well packaged and had several girdle panties on over the two rubber corsets. In case I had any thoughts about actually hearing instructions, my ears were also plugged before the rubber hood was pulled on. The cuffs were even locked on to make sure I couldn’t remove my gloves and get a hint of fresh air.

![btsp_100409-005s.jpg]( Continue Reading

Her Last Visit

The last time that Mistress Amber visited for training, she though it would be a good idea to work on my “technique”. Apparently, one of the prerequisites for learning technique is not worrying about what is in your panties. Continue Reading

sissy billy’s Willful Insolence

[sissy billy][] was right when she said “[I must learn to keep my mouth shut][1]”. After reading her new standing rules she wrote “I am currently dressed and am on my way to work and already late, but I will shave my legs over the weekend in preparation for wearing my pantyhose on Monday.” Umm, yeah. Rules can take effect whenever she wants them to.

Well how about this instead: when she gets home from work tonight, instead of shaving her legs in preparation for Monday, she will shave from her neck down. Once nice and smooth, she will lock on her sissy clitty prison. It can come off on Monday, when she is ready to return to work.

Is that better? Or do I need to be clearer?

[sissy billy]:

sissy billy Freed from Chastity?

Back when Mistress Amber was in charge of sissy billy’s training, she put him in state of sexual deprivation (which was sometimes enforced by locking up his sissy-clitty). Now that I am in charge of her training, I have decided to lift this restriction. sissy billy will have free access to make love to her sissy clitty if she:

* Wears panties full time
* Wears pantyhose under her suit when she dresses for work
* Keeps a relief diary where she writes down all of the fantasies she has while making love

To make it fairer for sissy billy, I will even give the opportunity to choose her option on a month-by-month basis, starting with November. She can either have unfettered access till the end of the month, or will spend it chaste, locked inside a sissy clitty prison. The choice is hers.

A Clarification of, As of Yet, Unspoken Rules

Please note that these rules are in effect immediately. (They have actually been in place for quite a while, but have been laxly enforced.)

* When sending an email, the name associated with your address, is to be the name you are know by at The Institute.
* When making a post, **only** Markdown formatting make be used. Therefore, do **not** use the HTML generated for showing pictures with captions. Only Markdown.
* When making a post, without explicit permission, you may only post pictures that have been taken of you or for you.

With Crumpets – Chapter 2 – Contractually Obligated

MJ wasn’t sure what all happened after she opened the door. Mistress M seemed excited and welcomed in Mistress Tea, but Mistress Tea never said anything, and with the blindfold and hood, MJ had no idea who she was. The worry about the identity of this mysterious Tea was soon forgotten as MJ found herself laying on what seemed like a picnic table bench. With a quickness and strength MJ rarely saw, M soon had her in an upside down hogtie. After tightening some straps around her legs and replacing the gag, MJ assumed that M must be pleased. At least she had finished fiddling.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you some coffee, Mistress Tea,” M started, “my maid is a bit tied up at the moment. At least I can offer you this much more comfortable seat.”
Continue Reading

With Crumpets – Chapter 1 – MJ on Fire

As MJ came through the door from her break, she was keenly aware of the vulnerability her condition showed. A bright dress set-off the posture collar and her wrists that were locked to it. The ankle cuffs locked together just above her spiked heels insuring she couldn’t run even if she wanted to. The hood and blindfold ensuring that she couldn’t see who was watching her.

As she was walking through the house, break time over, she was reminded of this vulnerability and all of the fires burning through out her body. Continue Reading

Sucks to Be Me

Back in August, after Mistress Amber [dressed me in a diaper][1], she further dressed me up in a couple of different outfits.




After each one, she sent me to the basement with a camera to “practice” Continue Reading

Pink and Plasticy

After Mistress Amber got finished [playing dress-up][1], she took pictures to show Mistress M, that yes, I show up dressed up exactly like she had sent me. I’m not sure what else she was expecting.



And then she decided to punishment me for being “late”. Continue Reading

A Surprised Look

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by nobelcause68.

Dsc03154   I would love to see a picture of Mistress Amber like this. Bound and gagged with a surprised look on her face, in front of the Christmas tree. I’ve heard rumors that she might come over for some training tomorrow night, so maybe I will just turn the tables and surprise her.

Mask and chains

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by grimly_feendish.

  this_girl looking stunning in her cuffs and gag. Both her and her master, grimly feendish have a large number of photos on Flickr, showcasing his talents for building amazing bondage devices for her to be bound in.

Never Trust Mistress Amber

As soon as got back on the property, Mistress Amber called to tell me to put the clothespins on. Like I didn’t see that coming.

And by the time I get back to the house, they are really hurting, so I ask if I can take them off. And Mistress Amber says “i’ll do you this one favor.” So she takes off my jeans and the panties and the penis harness before putting on a corset and four layers of an adult diaper. Four layers and then the same panties I was wearing.

And she puts in the small forms. Not that it really matters, because the elastic in the bra is so far gone that it doesn’t give any support, so every time I move, the forms move. Up and down. Right and left. Oh, and they grab the clothespins as they move.

As I was trying to put my jeans back on (over the huge diaper), surprise, surprise, they don’t fit. She says ‘don’t worry, you can just use this skirt instead,’ as if it is an equal trade. And as punishment for the jeans not fitting back over the diaper that she put on, I’ve got to wear high heels now.

So now, as a part of her “favor”, I’m sitting her typing this as my nipples still burn. She said she will consider taking them off when I get back inside. I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what I do–the punishment is always going to be the same.

This is freaking ridiculous.

Stacee Skye Paddles Herself

[Stacee Skye][0] had to use the bathroom when she arrived home to find [Mistress Amber][1] waiting, [Stacee Skye][0] was forced to paddle herself and make a video. [Stacee Skye][0] also must write in the third person until [Mistress Amber][1] thinks she is worthy. Once [Stacee Skye][0] is finished with this post, she must get ready for an exercise routine.


A Freakin Clown

Apparently this [pieclown][] has [Mistress Amber][1] pissed off. Why else would she start locking me out of the deck again? I thought we were past this. Now she’s [asking me about punishments][2] for this clown and threatening me if she doesn’t come through.

How is that going to be my fault???



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