Endless Punishment

When The Ladies left early last night, I thought that my introduction to the new year was over. This was confirmed when they did not meet me at the door when I returned home from work this evening. Apparently it was a ruse as Amber showed up several minutes later, mad that I was not yet dressed up for punishment.

She put me into two rubber corsets, panty hose and high heels, stuffed my bra, took a picture and sent me to the garage to type up my thoughts on what she had planned for the evening. Actually, she didn’t just send me to the garage. She first sent me to unlock the door, then had me retrieve the camera, then to retrieve my laptop and finally to get my instructions, before allowing me to return to the garage for a final time. I believe that the multiple trips were just so she could see me walk across the breezeway several times to the detached garage. Usually she will give me a coat to cover myself, but this time I was completely exposed for any neighbors that happened to be looking. I am thankful she did not turn on the porch light to give the neighbors a better view.

![Dressed for the Garage](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/01/btsp_070103-001s.jpg)

The part of my punishment that has me the most concerned so far is that she put me in no bondage–which is usually a staple. And now due to the pressure of the corsets, I really have to use the restroom. I don’t want to think about what my punishment will be of returning to the house before I am called, but at the current time I have no choice.


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make him wear atutu and ballet tights and make him go to a dancewear
shop to buy it. it happened to me.

That sounds so interesting James. Is there more to this story?

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