Sent To The Store

After a fairly easy night, Mistress Amber is sending me to the store to purchase a few items. She has agreed to remove my breast forms, but for this privilege will be putting on clothespins. She was going to let me go as is, but since I need to use the restroom first, will be putting on the penis harness. And since I am leaving the house she is also requiring ankle and wrist cuffs to be locked on.

My shopping list (so far) includes:

* A Pair of Tights or Pantyhose
* A Pair of Panties
* Sleepwear

She also will be calling Mistress M to see if there are any other items that should be purchased–either for household use or my punishment.


Mistress Amber is very good at leaving out details. She did let me exchange the water balloons for clothespins so my plight wouldn’t be too obvious when I went to the store–she just neglected to inform me that the exchange could only be made once I got to the car. I guess I should be grateful she didn’t make me wait until I got to the store to make the switch.

Then when I get back I watch her laugh at me from the window as I try to put the balloons back in without wrenching on the clothespins. I succeed in that, but once I got inside she didn’t think the balloons were down in the bra cups well enough. So instead of taking off the clothespins as was promised, she just readjusted the balloons. So now, with the high heels back on, I’m worse off than I was at the store. At least it should be time to go to bed soon.

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