Stacee Skye’s Punishment Week

As this week draws to a close, I am still trying to work out some of the details regarding [Stacee Skye][]’s punishment week to start February off with a bang. Mistress M will be leaving perhaps as early as next Wednesday (the 31st) and not returning until as late as Tuesday the 6th.

This post and it’s comments will be used as a running archive of the week of “fun” that is planned for her, so let me know what you think of these training ideas and what else you think should be added.

## Rules ##
Rules are made to be broken. Or at least if they’re convoluted, complex and ambiguous enough that she can’t follow them, there are plenty of opportunities for punishment.

* Wrist and ankles cuffs will be locked on over a thong and panty hose no later than 5pm the day Mistress M leaves. She will be locked into bondage at all times until the morning Mistress M returns. (The only exception to this that she *may* be given permission to remove her bondage while at work, but this will come with a price.)
* When they are not being worn, all water-balloon breast forms will be stored in the refrigerator.
* Breast forms and a corset are required when she is in the house, though she *may* be allowed to remove the forms when venturing outside.
* She will take care of her puppy as needed. She will take him outside whenever he requires, with whatever she is wearing at the time. Depending on behavior, a coat or other accessories *may* be provided.

## Projects ##
Though her punishment week should be well photographed, its always good to have a few extra projects for her to work on. I really liked her [Bedtime][] photo shoot from the January punishment because it required her to take a whole bunch of pictures and it was all pointless–except to let her know who was really in charge.

* Create a full photo archive of her expanded closet.
* Crete some photo shoot spreads for some of the better outfits–like her sexy secretary mini skirt.
* Create at least one movie of herself morphing from no breasts, to small breast, large breasts and finally enormous breasts. Let me know which outfit(s) you would like to see this accomplished in.

## Punishments ##
Here’s a couple of ideas I have for punishments–I’m just still working out the details on them, so some may be more obvious than others. (Previous punishments included Pincushion and [Peppermint Patty][PP].)

* Second String Football
* Heavy Hangers
* Plug It In, Plug It In

## Tasks ##
And finally, there is a long list of tasks that she will be put to doing–all of the things from his to do list that rolled over.

* Mail the inflatable holiday decorations for repair.
* Finish picking up and arrange the garage.
* Take down the holiday lights from the house. (I keep imagining how cute she would be out on a ladder in her french maid outfit, pulling down the lights from the gutters, with all of the neighbors coming by to look up her skirt. Maybe I wont have to imagine much longer!)
* Finish shopping at Wal-Mart
* Finish shopping at Lowes, including bags of gravel
* Get a haircut
* Fix holes in the driveway
* Pickup sticks from front and back yard

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Amber, I wish you the best as you show this sissy maid what she should be doing. If week is near what the last one was, then you will do Mistress M proud.

If you’re concerned about Stacee Skye not listening to you or keeping to your commands (since you can’t watch her 24 hours a day), then you should ask Mistress M to remove all of his underwear from the house and hide it under lock and key until she returns. Since she lives with him, it should be fairly easy for her to do before she leaves town. And then you can’t be tempted to go lightly on her training.

The last time I had to go out of town and leave missy maid with the sitter, I told her I was gone but then showed up after the trainer had dressed missy maid and collected all her male underwear. I then had missy maid run a chain through each pair, lock it, and give me the key. She later said having to look at what she couldn’t have the entire time I was gone was the worst punishment she could think of. Unfortunately for her, missy maid doesn’t have a very active imagination, as she found out in her very next punishment.

Mstr Reginald, Thanks for your vote of confidence. I will do my best. I also wanted to let you know that I am planning on using one of the punishment techniques that missy maid posted about last month. It won’t be Stacee Skye’s first notice that she’s on punishment–but two days of being dressed at work should be enough that she won’t want any more.

Hello Mistress Amber,

It looks like what you have planned for Stacee Skye is a pretty full schedule, however one item in particular I think would help us all in selecting additional chores and punishments, and that was the full archive of her closet.

I would like to see this to be expanded to include all her finery and flipperies as well as her ‘punishment’ gear and toys, so as to help select something she actually has, and not waste time suggesting things she might not have.

For example, it would do no good to suggest a punishment with her wearing 6″ black ballet shoes if she didn’t have any …

Brenda, I am still working to find a time for Stacee Skye to make a fully inventory of her closet. Due to the amount of time it would take, it has been pushed to the back burner during each of the training sessions we have had.

Wow, you sure gave Stacee Skye a full activity list. What is: Second String Football?
Heavy Hangers? Plug It In, Plug It In? How did the taking down the lights go?

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