Punishment Week Continues

As I mentioned in [my comment][1], i was thinking of giving [Stacee Skye[] another chance at the training I had planned for her punishment week, but was concerned at the same time that she was not doing enough of the work around the house to make Mistress M’s return a happy one. While [Stacee Skye][] was out partying, I got a message from Mistress M:

> I will leave it to your discretion. He definitely needs more training but please make sure he can complete his housework.

Since Mistress M agreed to let the punishment of Stacee Skye continue, I packed her a small bag of items she will be wearing when she arrives home on Monday evening. She will find the contents of it then, and knows that *any* deviation from it is grounds for severe punishment and/or expulsion from The Institute’s training program.

This “goody bag” includes:

* Both rubber corsets
* The size two plug (and some lubricant)
* A thong to help hold it it
* Tights or panty hose
* Black girdle panties
* The white waist cincher
* Wrist and ankle cuffs, locked on
* A collar
* Two pair of clothes pins for her nipples
* The small bra

How to hide all of this as she walks out of work is up to her. I’ll just be checking to make sure that she follows instructions to the letter. How much training she gets after that is up in the air. I might just make her come home and then cut it off at that to give her time for other activities.


Due to activities outside of her control, the big coming home from work party had to be postponed until tomorrow.

**Update 2:**

Due to the bad weather (half a foot of snow), [Stacee Skye][]’s punishment for this evening has been postponed again until a future date.

[Stacee Skye]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye
[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2007/02/the_end#comment-35


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Hello Mistress Amber,

I’m glad you decided to give her another chance. Having to change and wear all that apparel while coming home should definitely give her a chance to think of what happens when she doesn’t follow directions. Considering her fear of exposure, some sort of padding in her bra would have been nice as well.

I’m sure she’ll hide things under a big overcoat! It would be interesting to she how she would do the same during the summer.
In any case with all those items on, especially the plug, I’m sure her walk will be affected dramatically. I know mine changes when I have a plug in.

I also think you need to find out how she was able to release herself from her bonds the other night. After all, this was the cause of her infraction, and it shouldn’t have been able to happen without some sort of evidence. Maybe call CSI!

And I’ll be looking forward with anticipation to her further subjugation under your power and command. It gives me a extreme thrill to see someone actually undergoing what I can only dream of.

First I have to agree with brenda lee, it give me a “extreme thrill to see someone actually undergoing what I can only dream of” I do like that you are a logical person. Bad weather either snow or thunderstorms, can stop most anything.

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