Sleep Tight

[Stacee Skye][] ready for bed:


It’s so good to have her in training again.

[Stacee Skye]:


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I’m glad you’re back in Mistress Amber’s graces again. Please don’t do anything to upset her like that again. It’s funny, I enjoy dressing for bed, in a gown, waist cincher, nylons and bra! (Just like your picture — but not usually in cuffs) And you should be glad Mistress didn’t restrain you to the bed as well …

Mistress Amber, maybe if you can get a webcam you would be able to monitor her when you’re not actually present. The threat of you being able to ‘look in’ without her being able to tell should definitely help her ‘toe the line’.

Slaves belong in adult diapers. Teaches them their place.

brenda lee–a web cam may be a possibility in the future, but right now I think I’d rather let her take her chances. I did have a plan to set up her laptop to take pictures of her all night (which I could check the next night), but I just never got it setup.

Chip–I would agree that diapers is a good solution for some slaves, but I hate changing them so I’m not likely to use it. If I could get two slaves sleeping over for the same night, I’d diaper and lock them to each other–then make them change each other. Sounds appealing.

So have you ever put her on a web cam? That would be an way to keep her in line. Set up so you run who could view it and then she would never now who was watching her.

I still haven’t put her on a webcam, as Mistress M would only permit it if she was hooded. (And she doesn’t have a sleeping hood.)

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