Slow as Molasses

When I went with [Stacee Skye][] to the store last Friday night, she bought everything that was on her list (everyday panties, tights and duct tape), but was as slow as molasses doing it. Since she wanted to move so slow, I let her have her wish. I laughed as she struggled to wrap her legs in duct tape and laughed even harder as I made her take the pictures. She was a hoppin’ fool trying to get back in frame before the timer went off.

![Duct Taped](

I left her there until she…well, I left her there for a long time before sending her to take a shower.

[Stacee Skye]:


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Hello Mistress Amber,

It must have been very difficult for her to tape herself up like that, as well as keep her balance. I am surprised that she was able to move at all, although I must admit I love the shape of her legs wrapped like that.

And her ‘package’ is so well defined this way.

Considering that because of an injury I can’t bend from the waist, I would have never been able to do such a good job taping myself.

I think she should be given some reward for doing such a great job!

She did have a little bit of trouble with the tape–especially on the backs of her legs. I only posted one of the final pictures she took. There were many more where she took pictures of the backs of her legs trying to make sure that they were completely covered.

Thanks for pointing out the package definition–I hadn’t noticed it before.

Maybe next time she is slow as Molasses, you could make her into molasses. Say a light coating followed by some feathers. Then she could be the duck in the duck tape. haha

pieclown, molasses with feathers sounds like a great idea. Maybe I could even get her a job working for Burger King.

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