What does she like?

Does Stacee Skye like it when I send her out to the store, with all of her under things on?

Does Stacee Skye like it when I put the small breasts in and send her outside with a coat?

Did she like it when I sent her out in a coat and skirt?

Do you think she will like it when I send her out with her large breasts, a skirt, wig and heels?

I don’t either, but I’m about to find out. At least I let her put some shoes on and remove the blindfold and gag.

![Going Outside](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/02/btsp_070201-025s.jpg)


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Hello Mistress Amber,

Since sending her outside in progressively feminine attire seems to be a punishment for her, I would say that every added step would make her more and more uncomfortable. I know you’ve already sent her out in undergarments, and with a small stuffed bra — and she survived! (Even if hiding in the garage was part of it)

Peversely, being fully dressed might be less distressing than being partially dressed.

I know that in my case, I had never gone in public dressed, except for some underclothes, and none that would reveal my fetish. I was terrified about being in public. That was until last week.

Last week, I visited a Domme I know, who decided I needed to finally go out. So I dressed in a nice outfit, she did my makeup, actually making me look nice, and took me and a few other ‘gurls’ to a tg friendly club. Being there, and also part of a group, made the experience very pleasurable, and not terrifying as I imagined.

What you are doing, dressing her and sending her out in public with such large breasts, is bound to attract attention. Maybe if they were smaller she’d be much more ‘passable’, but you’ve made it impossible for her not to attract attention ….

I know you’ve given her something to do that I would not be able to do …

She will absolutely HATE going out with her large breasts… but so what? Part of the rush for us bra sissies is getting off on our disgust over ourselves. In the end she will be proud of how she was able to overcome her fears.

Plus, i bet very few would notice that she’s anything but an ugly girl with huge tits. The men will be too distracted to look at her face.

Personally, i get very disappointed when she doesn’t have her huge tits on. She looks so good and i get so jealous.

sissy bra slave, with your recent interest in joining our service, it is good to hear that you would enjoy going out in public with your huge breasts. Or you may hate it but do it anyway, just because I tell you too.

It will be so good to have an obedient sissy for once.

Where are you sending her with her all dressed up and busting out all over the place??

On this occasion, she was just sent to to the back porch. Not very out in public, but within view of the neighbors on either side.

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