Incorrect Assumptions

When [Stacee Skye][] said [her punishment was cancelled][2] (since it wasn’t enforced on my visit Sunday evening), she was wrong. She’ll find out tonight how wrong she was.

When she left work, she was informed that while picking up her puppy at day care, she was to put on the diaper I left for her and drink two 12 oz sodas on the way home And she was to not use the diaper–I hate changing them. She did well and was dressed soon after she arrived home.

After leaving her to think for a while, I sent her to the car to get the items she left. And with the cold air, she couldn’t take it anymore and wet the diaper. So I’m leaving her in it for a while. At least until she overfills it and it leaks into her pantyhose and puts a wet spot on her jeans.

Later she will be cleaned out, plugged and bound. And at bed time, she will be dressed and bound properly. She already knows. I had the bed clothes hanging up, waiting for her. And if she is not a good girl tonight, which is highly likely, I will be back again tomorrow night.

[Stacee Skye]:

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