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Since Mistress M is going to be out of town at the beginning of next week, I’m planning to spend some more time with [Stacee Skye][]’s training. Since I am not authorized to perform any corporal punishment on her, I’ve decided to have her build a paddling machine during my next visit and have her paddle herself. I have a couple of ideas that I think might work well for having her pull a rope to turn her cheeks nice and rosy. And the best part is that I just get to sit back and watch.

I don’t have a specific plan for the length of her self-inflicted paddling, but the first session is going to involve getting a series of action shots of the paddle in mid air about to strike. She’ll have to time it just right to plan the swing so that its in mid air when the time delayed shutter goes off. Up to set the camera then down to set the paddle and deliver the lick. Then after ten licks, I’ll check the camera and if she has five good action shots, the session will be over. If not, I’ll check after the next batch of 10.

This is starting to sound like fun. I may even discuss with Mistress M the possibility of giving her a real paddling when she returns. The thought of [Stacee Skye][] thinking of me every time she goes to sit down for a week really warms my heart.

If you know of *any* reason that [Stacee Skye][] should be paddled, post a comment with the infraction and what her penance should be. It’ll save me from making up reasons to send her to the machine.

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stacee skye is much too obstinate and willful for a submissive sissy. she really needs to learn her place and a hard spanking would do the trick. All you have to do is read her posts to see how bad she’s been.

i think that she needs to post proof of her punishment too so that it really sticks.


I have had some ideas for a spanking machine. One I read about used a fishing rod attached to a desk and the eyelets removed, except for the last one. A string went from the eyelet through a pulley. The person would bend over and pull the string and let go. The rod would snap back.

One I have tried to build was involving those spring hinges, that help gates close by them selves. I attached a paddle to one and other end of the hinge to some thing sturdy. This did not work the best. I have thought about attaching the one end to rafter and use gravity to aid the swing.

Then there is

But I do not have to cash for it and likely never to have the $.

pie pie 4 now

Well, pieclown, if you’re looking for a machine, you might as well check out the Spank-O-Matic MAX. 80 whacks a minute at an impact scale of 8 out of 10 should have you done up right in an hour or so.

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