Stacee Skye: Disasterous Results

Mistress M,

In my original email to you I had said: “I would like to say that he will be good this weekend and not give me any trouble, but we both know that will not be the case. What she needs is a severe paddling.”

I would have hope that she would have been a good girl this weekend. But alas, as expected, this was not the case. [Stacee Skye][] had just one task to complete yesterday: take a front view and back view picture of herself wearing each of her bras. The results were disasterous. (They were so bad, I didn’t even allow her to post them on her weblog.) Out of all of the pictures she took:

* All 26 had two locks missing from her collar.
* There were 17 forms showing outside the bras. (The other 9 forms
didn’t show, so she should have been able to prevent it.)
* 18 of the pictures were not the required straight on view.
* 8 of the pictures used the wrong size bra forms. (Bigger bras
require bigger forms.)
* And worst of all, 24 of the pictures were out of focus!

I had planned to use her infractions to come up with the number of licks to give her with the wooden paddle, but even if I ignore all of the other misbehavior and the [insolent comments][1] she posted, by my count she still deserves 249 strokes ([`1 * (26*2 + 17) + 2 * (18) + 3 * (8) + 5 * (24)`][2]).

Even I think this might be a little excessive and dropping the cost of each infraction to 1 stroke with the wooden paddle takes it down to 119 (which may be a little more reasonable). Or you could leave it at 249 switch up the implements. I’ll leave the final choice up to your judgement. I just want to make sure that [Stacee Skye][] remembers how poorly she performed this weekend every time she goes to sit down this next week.

In other news, if you are ever in need of a bath time slave, [Stacee Skye][] should not be able to serve you well in rubber wrist and ankle cuffs. I had her order the ankle cuffs just for this type of occasion.

I hope that the paddling goes well for you–[Stacee Skye][] isn’t going to like it not matter what it is.

Amber Shummer &
The Ladies of the Institute

[Stacee Skye]:


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As it turned out, Mistress M gave Stacee Skye the entire 249–the last hundred with the feared wooden paddle. The good news, for those who want to see the pictures, is that when I stop back by later this afternoon there will be no problems with the pictures. They will be taken correctly with Stacee Skye dressed just as before.

Well, she may be dressed a little stricter, but I wouldn’t want to make it too hard for her.


She must had one sore bottom. Do you recall what the first 149 strokes were with?
100 with a paddle is one punishment to not taken lightly. But to have it after the first round of spanking. Next time, she gets this many she may need to wear padded panties just to keep the pain done.
Or she could be forced to wear a thong.

pieclown: Do you recall what the first 149 strokes were with?

I think they were with a leather paddle. Mistress M has a couple and really likes them.

pieclown: Next time, she gets this many she may need to wear padded panties just to keep the pain done.

Next time pieclown makes a post, she may need proofread with a spell checker.

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