A Dip in the Pool

The next time I have a chance to visit [Stacee Skye][], I think that she will be going for a dip in the pool. If she still hasn’t has a chance to purchase a swimsuit, that she will be going in all dressed up and come out soaking wet. Maybe a few swim lessons in the middle of the afternoon will convince her that she needs to get a privacy fence to keep the neighbors from looking in–but they can enjoy the scenery until then. The sight of a big breasted bimbo in cuffs in the pool might get their attention.

And on this training trip, to ensure that she won’t spend the entire time under the water hiding, I think I might just replace her large heavy breast forms with some larger balloons filled with air. A couple of airbags should keep her floating at the top nicely.

To make sure she gets her exercise, I’ll probably throw a few diving sticks into the pool for her to swim down and get. Its not my problem if she can’t get down to the bottom to retrieve them. besides, it will give me a good reason to punish her after I let her come back inside. Eventually. After laying out in the yard to get some sun first.

[Stacee Skye]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye


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I hope this has happen or would. Maybe a nice bikini to wear for some good tan lines.

BTW I am new here and enjoy reading these events. My regret that I have no mistress to take the lead for me.

Thank you for your sharing

pieclown, Stacee Skye has not been swimming this season, and due to the lateness it will probably be pushed off until next year.

I am sorry to hear that, here to it getting cooler and the public pools are closed. Only the inside ones are open and that leave no chance for tanning.

Thank you for your reply

how devilishly an evil thought like it lots!!

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