A Freakin Clown

Apparently this pieclown has Mistress Amber pissed off. Why else would she start locking me out of the deck again? I thought we were past this. Now she’s asking me about punishments for this clown and threatening me if she doesn’t come through.

How is that going to be my fault???


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It doesn’t have to be your fault for you to be punished for it. I knew I shouldn’t have taken any pity on you–you should have been plugged to high heaven wearing your posture collar, with everything locked on.

Never forget “Because I said so.” is a perfectly acceptable answer for a Mistress.

I am that freakin clown. No it is true I may have comfused Mistress Amber and made her mad with some of my questions. But I did not say she should lock you on the deck. Sent you swimming or other things that may have got you wet, but not locking you on the deck. You should feel sorry for me. You have 2 mistresses to take care of you, I have none.

pie pie 4 now pieclown

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