pieclown: Replication?

pieclown’s previous assignment was to replicate the picture that she described. Detrimental to her effort, she sent in a copy of the picture she was trying to replicate:

Feather Duster

(Note that I have included this unattributed photo because pieclown had no idea where it came from. I do not plan to make this a standard practice. If you own the copyright, let me know and I will take it down.)

And then she sent me her “replications”:

Çpieclown_080226-001È Çpieclown_080226-002È Çpieclown_080226-003È Çpieclown_080226-004È

I could go through and pick apart these photos, but I thought it would be more entertaining to let everyone else pick apart these pictures and let her know why they don’t replicate the picture she sent in.


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shame on you! You are given a delicious assignment and what do you produce the mistress? photo on left:- shows a feather duster, it could be attached to anything!the next photo shows you (not clearly) but what is stuck up your rear – apparently nothing. The next photo:-shows a vague photo of your rear and your hand holding a duster. It is not clear at all that this is pushed up your bum. It should be! ( Both clear and definately up your rear end! )Fourth photo:- were you standing in front of the feather duster ,my dear? I think so. I wish I had been given the assignment, especially with the ladies watching me, Id have followed the mistresses instructions to the letter!

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