A Pretty Bra Picture

Here is one of the pictures of pieclown from her bra fashion show (as part of her [Atonement][1]):

![Pretty Bras](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2008/05/pieclown_071213-009s.jpg)

More pictures of her freshly waxed chest to come soon. If I can’t find enough of them, it won’t be a problem to have her take more. I’m sure she has been keeping her chest waxed since then.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2007/11/pieclown_atonement


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Ouch! How much does that hurt? i have no experience with waxing. Where do you go to get your chest waxed? i currently have my chest shaved. Is that permitted or must it be waxed?

Thank You Mistress Amber for the information.

Hello sissy will. I too had been directed to shave my hair in a punishment several months ago. Waxing – Ouch – I agree. It can not imagine it being fun. I have never heard of women saying it was. An experience to be avoided. For both of our sakes we should try to be good and not deserve a waxing. sissy billy

i couldn’t have said it better. Thanks sissy billy

Although waxing is very painful at the time I can attest after having experienced laser hair removal on the face that waxing is something of an easy pain. IPL is very good but it feels like someone is flicking very hot rubber bands at your face constantly. Epilating is about as much fun too! lol :)

maid sadie.

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