Comments from Pieclown

After I sent her the assignment last week, pieclown said:

> I will hold off on comments for the page, so not to give missy maid ideas.

She shouldn’t be worrying about missy maid having too many ideas–she gave me plenty I decided not to use. The one she had about how long you should spend thinking on your knees would have really made you afraid.

> MY BIG fear is my 30 minutes on the knees

Her suggestion was almost 10 times that length.

So, hopefully pieclown will be able to eventually finish her apology. On Monday night she wrote:

> I was planning to do the apology to missy maid to night, but my ex wife had something come up and now I have my son tonight and who knows how long. So I may not get it done by the end of the month. I did get me a new corset, and the golf balls to make the ball gag. I was waiting for $ to come in to get these and did not have my son here.

Hopefully missy maid will have as much patience as I do.

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