pieclown: Loopholes

When I wrote out the rules for pieclown’s alphabet, I noted that “All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable”. When missy maid asked about distinguishing the characters pieclown replied that “Now how did I know what the letters are? I MADE THEM.” That was not the point.

Perhaps I should have been more clear and said “All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable by ANYONE who reads the site, not just by the clown who made them.” Is that sufficiently clear? And since the creator seems to be the only one who can tell a 1 from an I and an 0 from an O (and then brags about it), I’m inclined to let her twist in the wind and have missy maid come up with a suitable punishment for pieclown’s inability to create distinguished the letters.

And where does pieclown get off telling other people they need to have a gravatar? I should have pieclown’s mouth stuffed with something she doesn’t want. (Like deep throating a kielbasa before moving up to the real thing. Then we can see who likes to talk.)

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