pieclown: Loopholes

When I wrote out the rules for pieclown’s alphabet, I noted that “All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable”. When missy maid [asked about distinguishing the characters][1] pieclown replied that “Now how did I know what the letters are? I MADE THEM.” That was not the point.

Perhaps I should have been more clear and said “All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable by **ANYONE** who reads the site, not just by the clown who made them.” Is that sufficiently clear? And since the creator seems to be the only one who can tell a 1 from an I and an 0 from an O (and then brags about it), I’m inclined to let her twist in the wind and have missy maid come up with a suitable punishment for pieclown’s inability to create distinguished the letters.

And where does pieclown get off [telling other people they need to have a gravatar][3]? I should have pieclown’s mouth stuffed with something she doesn’t want. (Like deep throating a kielbasa before moving up to the real thing. Then we can see who likes to talk.)

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/07/pieclown_grading_the_second_alphabet#comment-377
[2]: http://gravatar.com/
[3]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/07/pieclown_grading_the_second_alphabet#comment-378

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