A Letter from Mstr Reginald

I got this letter from Mstr Reginald in my email today:

> Mistress Amber,

> I wanted to let you know about the whirlwind of activity surrounding missy maid in the past couple of weeks. Since I loaned her out, the dominant (and almost pure evil) streak has come out in Miss Yaton. I am happy to see her take such an interest in missy maid–it has had an incredible effect on missy maid’s training. Only she has the power and the drive to take missy maid’s training to the next level, so it is with much regret that I signed over missy maid’s contract to Miss Yaton.

> When I went over to her house last weekend (for a poker game), I was happy to see missy maid dressed in her black French Maid’s outfit serving drinks. At least you could sort of call it serving. She was on her knees and couldn’t crawl very fast because her balls we clipped to her ankles and her wrists handcuffed behind her. When she wasn’t serving drinks she was either under the table serving the players in other ways, or bent over a table answering to Miss Yaton’s cane.

> Later in the night, after missy maid had finished everyone at the table, I found her chained to the toilet with a mighty plug, posture collar, ring gag and blindfold that read “Urinal”. She didn’t look her happy, but Miss Yaton look relived to be out of the business of caning her trainee every half hour. And everyone else was happy to be able to piss-pour into missy maid as a way to describe her drink service earlier in the evening.

> As I was leaving for the night, Miss Yaton promised the next time I was over I could get a tour of the storage room in the basement she was having built for missy maid. I can’t wait.

> Mstr Reginald

> P.S. I know that missy maid was really interested in that apology from pieclown, but I am not sure that she will be able to see it now–Miss Yaton severely limits the amount of time that missy maid can spend online. I know she still blames pieclown for the predicament that got her introduced to Miss Yaton, but it was probably just a mater of fate (and time).

Apparently missy maid is well on her way to becoming a more well training and abused slut. Congratulations.

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