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I thought I wouldn’t have to remind the clients that have been given special posting privileges that they are not to try to read what they don’t have access to, but alas I must. Any other attempts to circumvent the access controls will result in account revocation–which may happen anyway if an apology is not posted in the comments. Soon.


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@pieclown: Next time I shall remember to require a proper apology.

@Amber Shummer
I had read this post previously and before I had been given authorization to post. I have not opened any other posting that where drafts other then ones I was composing. However, when I had been reprimanded by you for using improper tags, I looked through the posting history to see which tags you used and made a listing for myself so that I would only use those tags. I did see that you had a draft of the History of the Institute. I did not try to open or read it, but I would really be very much interested in reading the history of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”. I have read almost every post and can only guess from postings and comments the history. Are you ever going to post this History. I am sure that knowing history would help and improve my efforts of becoming a proper and obedient sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

@sissy billy: The history will be posted when it is ready. It does not pay to be nosy. Remember what happened to the cat.

@Amber Shummer : Yes Mistress Amber. Curiosity for the cat was a bad thing, but I do respect everyone’s privacy and would never look at anything that was not intended for me. Curiosity is good sometimes though as it keeps our interest and pushes us to explore new territory. Please excuse me if I overstepped my boundaries.

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