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In looking at the recent client posts, I realize that I haven’t done a good job in making all of the rules that must be followed on the site all that clear. That will be rectified soon. In addition to the existing rules, I am adding a new one to help ensure that assignments and punishment are completed in a timely manner: “Treatments”.

There are now four types of objectives that may be given to a client:

  • Assignment is the default type of objective given to a client in order to train them in our methods. It will usually involve dressing, bondage and humiliation.
  • Punishment is a stronger form of an assignment, usually reserved for when clients break the rules or otherwise perform poorly. It will usually involve stricter (or longer) dressing, tighter bondage and greater humiliation.
  • Treatment is a requirement that a client brings on herself for failure to promptly complete assignments and punishments. It will involve dressing full time.
  • Task is similar to an assignment, but doesn’t involve training. It could be better described as administrative.

Treatments begin the same day that an assignment is made (or punishment given) and continue until completion. On the given day you must start wearing the prescribed daytime item under your normal clothes, and substitute your nighttime clothing for what is given. All clothing is additive, (Example: On day 10 you will be wearing what was already assigned for days 4 and 7, plus what is new for day 10.)

Day Daytime Items Nighttime Items
4 Panties Nightgown
7 Pantyhose
10 Bra Bra, Breast Forms, Panties, Pantyhose
12 Ankle Cuffs
15 Corset Ankle Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs, Collar
18 A good sized plug
20 Wrist Cuffs Ankles locked together, wrists locked together
22 Collar
25 Skirt (or slacks) Blindfold, earplugs, hood
27 Blouse
30 Breast Forms (XL) A good size plug

When the results of the assignment are posted, there will be a section at the end for treatments required. You will post a thumbnail showing each treatment with a note stating “I chose this treatment by failing to finish in a timely manner.”

Note that the treatment schedule is subject to change and may be modified at the whim of any of The Ladies, or at the request of a client. Failure to keep track of the current rules does not exempt you from following them.

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“Treatments begin the same day that an assignment is made “

It looks as if I missed the statement about this day being day zero. Dumb clown error

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