Getting Hosed

Well, I can see that [Pieclown][] has at least started on fixing the problems from last time. (She logged on and updated the first part of her post less than an hour after I posted the initial grade.) Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to finishing her remedial assignment, so starting Monday the 12th, she will be wearing pantyhose any time she is wearing panties. If the assignment isn’t finished, the clothes will continue to pile on.

Oh yeah, I should also mention that enforcement will be stepped up on the “acknowledgment rule”. Anytime an assignment is given, a punishment is noted, or grade is bestowed, that action shall be acknowledged and accepted in the same manner as originally sent. (If it is given in email, reply via email. If it is posted here, reply with a comment.) It shall also be completed as soon as possible, but no later than the *first* time it is seen by the client.



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Yes, I have been working on this. I am now working on getting the pictures that I have used to correct size and tag. I see that Monday I will be wearing pantyhose any time I am wearing panties.

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