She’s Late

[Stacee Skye][] is late. How late? I have no idea. Apparently having Mistress M dress her before she left wasn’t enough incentive to get her here on time. So she will be well punished when she finally gets here–then the training can begin. I think I’ll use a modified version of my traveling dress for her (including some of the punishment items). She will be punished in this method for the square of the number of minutes she was late. So if she is fifteen minutes late, each minute will cost her 15 minutes for a total of 225 minutes (Three hours, forty-five minutes). A half hour past due and she will be in for 15 hours straight. She had better hope she gets here soon.

**Update:** [Stacee Skye][] finally got here at 5:21, 21 minutes late. Since I was feeling generous, I credited her with one minute for stopping to get the mail, one minute for picking up the paper, and three minutes for being thoughtful and bringing me a gift that will help her punishment get started immediately. Still, four hours, sixteen minutes will be a very, very long time.

[Stacee Skye]:

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