Sucks to Be Me

Back in August, after Mistress Amber [dressed me in a diaper][1], she further dressed me up in a couple of different outfits.




After each one, she sent me to the basement with a camera to “practice” my servicing technique on a couple of different vibrators. But since I couldn’t see anything, I just had to kind of guess what the camera was pointing at. And I wasn’t allowed to try to use the self-timer, so I had to get into position, hit the shutter and try to get back in place before the picture took. So some of them turned out much better than others.

«btsp_080805-026» «btsp_080805-027» «btsp_080805-028» «btsp_080805-030» «btsp_080805-032» «btsp_080805-037» «btsp_080805-040» «btsp_080805-043» «btsp_080805-044» «btsp_080805-047» «btsp_080805-053» «btsp_080805-054»

After getting back from that set, she redressed me in a larger forms and sent me back to try again.

«btsp_080805-060» «btsp_080805-061» «btsp_080805-062» «btsp_080805-063» «btsp_080805-064» «btsp_080805-065»

I didn’t get nearly as many this time and thankfully she didn’t make my try again. Unfortunately, she left me just in a diaper and a too short shirt and then left for the night. Or what I thought was the night. After I finally got the courage to change out of this mess several hours later, she came back. And was ready for punishment.



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So what was your punishment? I thought the pictures while hooded was your punishment?

@Sissysarah: I thought that was my punishment too, but Mistress Amber said it was “all part of my training”. She didn’t have any more time that night, but promised that she would be back soon for a “real” suck-fest punishment.

@Stacee Skye: Thanks for reminding me of this. I forgot I promised to come back so you could have a session with the pink monster.

Now, at this point I have to ask… What exactly is the pink monster? I think I have a pretty good idea–but I have this difficulty in finding pink things scary, and I find monsters scary…

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