Documenting the Rules

Since the time [Pieclown][] joined The Institute I have been teaching her the rules—what to do an how to behave. This information is spread across a series of emails, [posts about rules][0] and probably half a dozen other places. And now she will be collecting it in a set of [Rules and Regulations][1].

[Pieclown][], your assignment is to document all of the rules and regulations that I have taught you (or you have learned through trial and error). This should include all of the processes you currently follow, how to complete an assignment, how to make a website post, and so on. This is a research project. If there are original documents that you do not have access to (that you need), you must ask me for that document specifically. You are not being authorized to come up with new processes (though if you slip them in and I like them, I may keep them). Sensitive information, or information that pertains only to you should be shown as placeholders. Examples include user ids, passwords and prefixes.

I will not by judging your work, rather the quality will be judged when the next client tries to follow your set of rules. (At the current time, I assume this will be Sissy Sarah, assuming she follows through with the rest of her application process by the end of the weekend.) **You will be punished for her mistakes** due to a lack of documentation. The punishments will likely be similar to treatments and will increase in severity for each incident according to the [Fibonacci sequence][2]. (That is 1 day, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and so on. If your rules are poor and allow her to make 5 mistakes, the 5th will be worth 5 days punishment, for a total of 12 days. If your rules are so horrendous as to allow 10 mistakes, the 10th will earn you 55 days for a total of 143 days of punishment. Almost 4 months of daily punishment. I can assume this is not what you want. If it gets to this point though, you should just assume that you will be wearing at least a bra and panties full time until 2010 **in addition** to your normal assignments and punishments.)



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I see that I now have an assignment to write out the rules.

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