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This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by kristi_lisa_martin_22.

DCP03228a   She looks so sad tied up and sitting on the edge of the bed. Perhaps she just found out it’s going to be another two hours before anyone comes to bend her over the edge of the bed and give her the spanking she needs. Or maybe it is just about to happen.

Either way, cheer up Kristi.


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I have been there! Its hard to smile with that in your mouth though!

@Sissysarah: It sounds like you will be taking a whole bunch of pictures until you get it right then.

She looks so sad and pitiful.. I love it.

I wish I could see if her hands are tied tight

I think you need something pushing up that rosebud. What do you think girls?

I kirsy respectfully Mistress and humbly request that the something be a very large plug.

sissy alison

Oh I keep looking at the predicament of Kristi Lisa and wish that Mistress Kalzenburg would do this to me as an assignment complete with some thing for my rosebud.

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