pieclown: Dream or ?

Dream or ?

Pieclown could not believe he was doing this. The recent winner of the power ball was going to do something out of the ordinary. He was driving to meet his mistress. Not some 20 something hottie, but a woman that would put him through the ringer. Amber Shummer was this woman. Pieclown had met her a few years back, on the web site Institute of Crossdresser Punishment. She was in charge there and started requesting and then instructing pieclown as a member of the Institute. Winning the powerball, pieclown took care of the taxes, bills, savings, and tithing. He then contacted Mistress Amber about a possible meeting. She was open to the idea only on her terms. So here was pieclown driving across several states to meet with her.

Mistress Amber had instructed pieclown to bring her clothes, toys, and show up ready. He was almost to the hotel that she had picked out; when he thought it would best to change. He drove his new truck off at a rest stop and went to use the restroom. Pieclown knew Mistress Amber had not patient with someone with a full bladder.

He climbed into the truck bed, covered by a camper shell. Pieclown then began the last bit changing he needed to do to become a she. He removed the pants and shirt he had on and socks. He was already wearing pantyhose and pink panties. Pieclown took his smallest plug and placed it were butt plugs go. He then put on the pink bra that matched the panties. This bra was pre-stuffed and presented a figure that could not be hidden. He then put on a skirt and blouse this was followed up by trip to the make up case. Pieclown did the best job he could as he sat in the back of the truck. Next came a new wig that he had purchased. The addition of some jewelry and a pair of white and pink tennis shoes and he was ready to get out and drive on.

Pieclown climbed out of the truck and look around. No one seemed to notice his change. He got back in and started to drive on. It was not long before he came to the exit for the hotel. He parked the truck near the entrance and picked up a purse, he had placed his wallet into. He walked into the lobby and the lady at the desk gave him the once over, and then smiled.

“Welcome to the Empty Arms Hotel” said the woman behind the desk. “My name is Julie, how can I help you.” “ I have a reservation” pieclown tried to say in a feminine voice. Again Julie smiled and said, “May I have your name”. Pieclown knew he was already found out and giving his name would since it. He told her his name and pulled out his wallet from the purse. He hand her his credit card. “May I see some I.D. please?” Pieclown complied with the request and she again smiled. “Thank you, do you have any luggage? There is a cart over there if you need it. It will take just a minute if you wish to get your stuff.” Pieclown retrieved the cart and went to his truck. He tried to hid his blushing cheeks. While he was out, Julie made a quick phone call.

Pieclown returned with the cart and the totes that had his stuff for the meeting. “ You are in room 314. Here is your key, breakfast is at 6, and the pool is open all night. Oh your friend is already here and said you have a quirky sense of humor. She said I should give you some thing.” “What it is it?” ask pieclown nervously. “This “ said Julie as she pulled out a cream pie.


Pieclown looked and then saw Julie smile and then he saw nothing. Splat went the pie right into his face. “You better hurry along pieclown, she is expecting you just as you are” giggled Julie. Pieclown cleared his eyes and moved to the elevator. “See you later” Julie said as the doors closed.


Pieclown moved down the hall to room 314. He started to open the door when he heard
“About time you got here.” It was Mistress Amber. “ Come in so I see you. HAHA, she nailed you but good. Now get in here and let me take a look at the rest of you.” Pieclown moved inside and presented himself for her inspection. “Ok, sit here” He sat in the chair that she pulled out. She then tied his arms and legs to the chair. “ I have a present for you, open up.” Pieclown obeyed and she shoved a gag in to his mouth. She then brought in the cart in the room. “Lets see what you have for me to use,” she said as she opens the totes. “Oh, my my, you have quite a few paddles here, you must be in need of a good spanking. Lets see if you are truly ready.” She pulled up his skirt. “What no package. I better see a plug or you are in for a long night.” She unlocks pieclown and had him stand up. As he did some more cream fell off his face. “Well you do have a butt plug, but you are still getting that spanking.” She said this as she pushed him over the bed. Amber then pulled up his skirt and then pulled down the panties and hose.

“Oh, I am not going to spank that hairy ass.” Pieclown turn and looked at her and she smile. “ I am not going to spank it until it has been shaved.” Mistress said with a giggle. She pulled him up and told him get undressed. “Not bad undies, but I see what else you have. Now get in there and shave that nasty ass, and you better do a good job or I may have some salon wax that rear. Now move.” She swatted his naked cheek with the last command.

Pieclown moved to the bathroom with the razor and shaving cream she handed him. He looked at the several mirrors and shook the can of shaving cream. He squirted out the cream and applied it to his ass.


Mistress Amber looked at the different items he had brought. She saw something, and thought that is new. Pieclown finally came out. “Let me see, oh very nice. And your reward for doing so well, you can take out that small plug, and replace it with the large plug.” She said this as she handed over the plug. He removed the one plug and she watched with joy as he squirmed as he placed the other plug up his ass. “Now that is done, I want to you to wear these.” She held up the forms from the [Natural Bra](http://www.naturalbra.info/). These forms attached to the breast with double sided tape. The mistress placed them on his chest and then said.


“I think you need to be ready for what ever comes up, so why not have you put on this.” She was holding one of his swim suites. This was a one piece that she was sure to be a little small. He placed his legs in the holes and pulled it up, trying hard to not loose the plug. Pieclown place his arms in the straps. Mistress walked around and tugged a few places. “Now bend over and touch your toes” she commanded. He did and she helped the suite to give him a wedgie.


With his freshly shaved ass, staring right up and her, Mistress Amber wasted no time. She started to spank pieclown’s rear with the butt plug still in place. She was beginning to get in a rhythm when there was a knock at the door.

“ I wonder who that could be?” Mistress Amber said as she moved to the door and opened it. “Oh, good you’re here. She is almost ready.” Pieclown turned to see…….


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Hot story, I can feel my a$$ cheeks burning from the razor, paddle, swimsuit and shame.

Hi, Thank you for the complement. As for who is at the door, I was to write a story with a cliffhanger. So it could be anyone. Read off my adventures here and you will see, there are a few that would like to see me in discomfort. Or it could be someone completely new. I have left it as a cliff hanger. You can tell me who you think it should be, and why and what could happen.

Good cliff hanger and my curiosity is definitely aroused.

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