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[Pieclown][], your assignment is to [finish documenting][3] the rules and regulations that I have taught you (or you have learned through trial and error). This should include all of the processes you currently follow, how to complete an assignment, how to make a website post, and so on. This is a research project. If there are original documents that you do not have access to (that you need), you must ask me for that document specifically. You are not being authorized to come up with new processes (though if you slip them in and I like them, I may keep them). Sensitive information, or information that pertains only to you should be shown as placeholders. Examples include user ids, passwords and prefixes.

You may have thought it was done before, but here is a less than the **minimum** list of what still needs to be completed:

* Finish formatting the headings in the table of contents style
* Explain tags used on posts
* Explain (or links to) tutorials on how to make a post.
* Add new rules, implemented since the last update.

I would add more, but I can’t remember right now what was supposed to be added. Maybe that’s why I wanted all of the rules documented in one place to begin with?



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Dear Mistress Amber,

I acknowledge this assignment.

Dear Mistress Amber,

I have finished updating the Rules and Regulations page. I have finished the table of contents in the pattern you started. I have explained categories and tags. I set the links to the markdown page in a better way. I have include an overview of my procedures for posting. I have also place in the Respect Rule.

I hope you fine my work acceptable. I know that the update of this page will be an ongoing activity for me. I thank you for your trust in my ability to complete this important task.
pie pie 4 now

@pieclown: This is looking better.

There is no acceptable reason to use “Uncategorized” once the post has been published.

Tags should not be listed under Categories.

The examples should actually be examples.

The notes on how to split a post are wrong.

Bulleted lists should always be used, when appropriate.

All items should have similar formatting (i.e. find the odd one out in Communications).

I think this site is pretty well laid out. Most of it is clear and the English is good, there are so many sites that a just a jumbled mess with a mish-mash of English, Leet and txt “English”.
So well done for to who is in charge of handing out the work of layout, content and grammer. Mine may not be perfect but I do like to see others who have the ability use it.

I am commenting on this first today as I got in trouble for not knowing the rules. I should have know better. The site seems pretty straight forward and I am going to read the rules first everyday until I have memorized them,

@Tiffany_Topheavy: Thank you for your kind words. I work hard to have good grammar and use proper punctuation. The clients work even harder, because they will find themselves on the wrong side of a punishment if they don’t.

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