Limericks A’Plenty

Actually, I don’t have limericks a’plenty—but after this I might. I’m looking for a few good rhymes that could be assigned to sissies to illustrate. Rhymes should be somewhat close to the form of a limerick and should be descriptive, like this one:

She had tits from big water balloons
And was lipsticked like a buffoon
Her roped little bits
And plug gave her fits
Alas no panties to hide her full moon

All submissions will be considered–the raunchier the better.


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Mistress Amber,

I accept “limericks a plenty” assignment in substitution to the “cheer me up” series.

@Sissysarah: That is good. For “Chapter 2” you should submit pictures for this one. Another limerick will be chosen for “Chapter 3”.

A cheap slut hooker from west of nantucket
Had a detachable dick–she could suck it
With a mini so tight,
She is quite a sight!
And her ear is a cunt, so she fucks it.

sarah with bra and insides clean
stands attention–like a girly marine
with dick sticking out
and pegs all about
while covered all up in vaseline

A cheerleader who thought she was “it”
Was paddled til unable to sit
This ass pain i’ve got
Is the worst, she thought
Til an enema, then plugged unable to shit

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