Welcome sissy billy

Since I started my European trip, I haven’t had much time for working on the site. It this time a new sissy has joined the fold:


With her reading comprehension and whining like a baby, she will fit right in.


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Thank You Mistress Amber. I am honored to be included. I read much to fast and reading comprehension is a fault I am working on. I also thought that whinining is something that a sissy could not help.
sissy billy

Hello sissy billy,

I just wish to say welcome and good luck. I also love the purple.

Thank You pieclown. I loved your stories as I was researching for my application. Look forward to exchanging comments with you. sissy billy

Welcome sissy billy. I hope you learn your lessons fast!

Hello sissysarah. Thank you for the welcome. I have not seen you mentioned lately, so I guess you have learned your lessons fast. Unfortunately, I have not. You obviously have been able to please Mistress Amber as I have not seen her comment or punish you lately. I have a major fault (among many) in not being able to keep my mouth shut and I get into trouble at work too. I usually say what I feel and can not but help giving my opinion. At work it is not always what boss wants to hear and as a result she is usually pissed at me. I have been around a long time and learned that there is never a stupid question if I don’t know the answer. That pisses a lot of people off because they usually don’t know the answer either. That of course does not mean you Mistress Amber as you seem to know exactly what is going on. I seem to be talking/writing too much again. I apologize if I am rambling again. Let me stop before I get in more trouble. Thanks again sissysarah and hope all is well with you. Do good on your assignments, I am struggling with mine. sissy billy

@sissy billy: Sissy sarah is not doing well at all with her assignments because she has done a very good job of ignoring my emails and whining about how busy she is.

Mistress Amber. I promise that I will never ignore your emails as a sissy should always respond quickly to her Mistress.

I have been having problems. Both in my work and home. Barely making ends meet. I was depressed for a couple weeks and was doing a lot of drinking. I haven’t drank in half a week or so and am feeling a little better. I made enough money to make my truck payment (at least for another month) that causes a lot of stress. I have been seeing a friend Miss Mama. :D I am not intentionally ignoring you Mistress Amber. When I try assignments I fail them miserably.

Hello sissysarah. Keep talking to your friend. Talking to friends and having them listen is always a good thing. I have a good set of friends who helped me cope with my wife dying a few years ago. Don’t let the stress build up. I have not been doing well on my assignments either. They seem so hard to complete 100% The effort is worth it though. I think Mistress Amber tests us like when I was in college. The tests and punishments are so hard that you may never pass them. That way she judges how good we may be doing or we if we are trying hard. Don’t give up sissysarah. It gives you something to think about other then day to day problems. Keep trying. sissy billy

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