sissy billy’s Standing Training Rules

Since I have some other work that will take priority in the near future, I gave sissy billy a new activity list in the middle of last week

  • While at home you are you wear your ankle and wrist cuffs.
  • You may dress as much as you wish outside your house.
  • You may dress at home as much as you wish, but the large bra (fully stuffed) must be included.
  • If you think your actions will disappoint me you are to put a post on the site
    • Your confession
    • The assigned punishment (which you feel is appropriate)
    • the competed punishment

This allows her to dress as much or little as she would like, but still be reminded that she is learning who is in control.

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Thank You for your guidance Mistress Amber. I will follow these rules. If I should deviate from them, I will confess and will submit a post for your review.

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