the actual wedding punishment

even though the majority of people thought [sissy billy’s punishment suggestion][1] was fair, I have decided to change it up a bit–just to keep her on her toes (and to lessen some of the rigidity she had imposed).


– ~ — • — ~ –

sissy billy is to return to her room immediately after the reception is over ensure that she is as smooth as the first day of her punishment. She is to milk her sissy clitty into a new diaper before putting it on. The she will put on a rubber diaper cover and attach ankle and wrist cuffs and a collar, all locked on, to reinforce the severity of the punishment. She is to bring the rubber cover with her to the hotel room to protect the bed because she will not be able to leave the bed until morning no matter how much she soils herself.

She will get up in the morning and clean herself and milk her sissy clitty into her new diaper she will be wearing to the brunch. She will remain in diapers for the remainder of the punishment. For the entire weekend, in order to be able to change her diaper, she is first to put the penis gag in and then milk her sissy clitty into her new diaper. Once she has made a new mess, she will be allowed to changed into this new diaper. After brunch, and until she arrives at work Monday morning, she will only be allowed to eat Level 1 or Level 2 baby food, baby cereal, and baby formula. Fasting is **not** an option.

After brunch, sissy billy will head directly home. sissy billy will strip off everything but her diaper, lock on the wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and collar. Then she will stuff her 4XL diaper panties to over flowing, put on her large bra, fill out the bra with water balloons (doing a bigger job than she has done in the past), gag herself with her cock gag and put on her plastic jumper . She will clip her wrists together and clip her ankles together and then not be allowed to stand until this phase is over. sissy billy will then write a letter of apology for requesting this modification and express gratitude that Mistress Amber allowed sissy billy this modification. Once finished, she will recopy it for better penmanship.

Once the letter is finished, sissy billy will have the humiliation in public she did not have to endure during the wedding with her friends. sissy billy is to go on a sissy girl shopping afternoon. She will we wearing her ankle cuffs (locked on) with her diaper and a bra. She will carry a purse containing extra diapers and her gag so she can change herself. sissy billy will make at least four stops:

* At a lingerie store, she will buy at least one thong for herself.
* At a women clothing store (not a department store), she will buy at least one thong for herself.
* She will buy some make-up for herself.
* At a drug store, she will buy an adult diaper for herself. Immediately after paying for the diapers, sissy billy is to ask the cashier if she can use the restroom. She will then go to the restroom and change her diaper.

She may then return home, where she is to strip off her outer clothes, return her wrist cuffs and collar, stuff her 4XL diaper panties to over flowing, fill out the bra with water balloons and put on her plastic jumper . She will clip her wrists together and clip her ankles together and then not be allowed to stand.

Sunday morning, sissy billy is to dress as a sissy baby maid (Maids outfit, dress, high heels, cuffs and collar, super stuffed 4XL diaper and properly filled large Bra. Then she is to experiment with her makeup to get a look that is appropriate for un-retouched pictures on the site. Once she is satisfied, she is to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom. She is to make a list of everything that she cleaned, take pictures and Mistress Amber will decide whether she cleaned thoroughly enough or will have to repeat this cleaning next week. Once sissy billy is finished with her maid outfit, she is to return to the jumper outfit she was wearing the previous evening and leave it on until rising Monday morning.

sissy billy is to send off documentation to Mistress Amber by correctly making a post for each event she had (brunch, apology, shopping, sat night, maid cleaning, sun night) with all applicable pictures on the website before she is goes to work on Monday.


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I accept this actual wedding punishment and will endeavor to perform every task completely and to the best of my ability as a sissy. I realize my punishment could have been as originally specified or far worse and probably should have been because of my sissy whining this week. I apologize to Mistress Amber for my sissy whining and thank Mistress Amber for her understanding and making my deserved punishment less rigid and severe. I will do my best to be the best sissy and exceed her expectations. I will report and post my accomplishments on Monday. Thank You, sissy billy

@sissy billy: As per the last sentence, your reporting will be done before you go to work on Monday.

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