New Standing Rule for sissy billy

[sissy billy][]’s [permalink id=2728 text=’Standing Rules’] have been updated to indicate that her legs are to be shaved (or waxed or otherwise) at any point she desires to wear pantyhose.

[sissy billy]:


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I must learn to keep my mouth shut as I am sure that this new rule is in response to my comment elsewhere about not wanting to ever have body hair removed through the girl’s procedure of waxing. Since I am currently required to wear pantyhose under my suit when I go to work, I will now start shaving my legs as I do not want to go back to chastity. I am currently dressed and am on my way to work and already late, but I will shave my legs over the weekend in preparation for wearing my pantyhose on Monday.

To all who read my comment above. My comment above was completely inappropriate and insolent in nature. I apologize to My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg for my this and accept the consequences and punishments for my ill-conceived comments.

Please refer to posting “sissy billy – willful insolence” for my full acceptance of fault and comments regarding this.

I apologize to all that I may have offended

sissy billy

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