Rules Are Made to Be Followed

Just a reminder, with all the new sissies coming on board (and the old ones who are forgetting their lesson), the [permalink id=761 text=’Rules and Regulations’] are always subject to update and you should review them often to ensure you do not run afoul of them. In fact, rules on making posts have been updated this evening and will continue to be improved in the future.


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It is so generous of The Institute to provide sissies with many reminders about the importance of the Rules and Regulations. Following these Rules and Regulations is a privilege and studying them thoroughly is the least that can be done in appreciation for the effort put forth by our Female Superiors and it is very important to show appropriate respect for the Institute and display unconditional thanks for providing such an environment for sissies.

I’m a recently joined sissy eager for punishment whre do I find my assignments on this site please?

thank you for your reply pieclown, I realise that the instite is undergoing transition at the moment. What does this impy for punishments ans assignments?

sissy alison

I respectfully thank the mistress for telling me that my application for the institute will be processed. I look forward to being a cross dressing sissy and being punished in frillies for all to see on the site.

I would welcome punishment sugestions from sissy sisters too, especially in view of my posted commenys.

respectfully yours,

sissy aliso ( awaiting punishment )

Thank you Mistress Katzenburg,
My I T skills are not too adept though and I’m not sure what Ihave to do with regards the downloads. Could you please instruct so that my aplication can proceed?

sissy alison

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