Dusting Off the Polling Booth

Now that you have seen all the pretty maids in a row, please take a moment to vote for the most humiliating pictures. If one sissy has a lead when the polls close early on Saturday Sunday morning, that sissy will be exempted from the follow-up punishment, “Sorority Bitches”.

[poll id=”12″]

Note that clients are required to vote, but **may not** vote for themselves. Clients who choose not to vote will be automatically included in the follow-up punishment.

**Update:** Due to some issues with the poll not allowing people to vote, voting has been extended by 24 hours.


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I am not a client and had only been granted honorary Mistress Status by Mistress Amber early last year with conditional access to comment only.

I do not believe this entitles me to vote, but as a Mistress I am opinionated and do speak my mind.

I offer my voting opinion for use if Mistress Katzenburg or “The Institute” chooses to use in the case of a tie.

I would vote first for pieclown. She was sufficiently humiliated and was prepared to clean with a duster.

I would vote Myckie Jo second because while she was more humiliated and restrained then pieclown, she was not capable of cleaning and the purpose of the assignment was to dust off the site.

I would vote sissy billy last. She did look pretty and dainty as a maid, but she was not humiliated choosing to stay hidden in her house were no one could see her and she had no cleaning utensils in which to dust the Site.

For you use as you wish.

Thank You, Mistress Rosemarie

Hello Mistress Katzenburg:

I purposely waited till later this evening before logging on to look at the polls. With the polls closing early Saturday morning, I have little hope of a surge in my favor.

Therefore I am conceding my loss and my inevitable assignment of Sorority Bitches. Congratulations to whoever of my opponents wins out and avoids this activity.

In preparation for Sorority Bitches I have several questions regarding it and in hopes that Mistress Katzenburg will answer them, I feel I am better severed by conceding, accepting my fate and hoping that they are answered.

I will submit them under the Sorority Bitches Activity.

Thank You, sissy billy

I had previously conceded my loss of this poll to Myckie Jo or pieclown, but I am embarrassed and humiliated at not receiving even one vote. I thought I looked pretty as a sissy maid and was ready for work.

I will strive to do better in my next assignment.

sissy billy

Good Morning Mistress Katzenburg. I guess that polls are closed. Someone must of felt sorry for me and I got two late votes. Less humiliating then 0, but still a loser.

@Myckie_Jo – Congratulations. Lucky sissy.

@pieclown – I still thought you were the best

I like the polls better when I win.

sissy billy

To all, I have been voted the worst sissy maid and therefore are condemned to my followup punishment.

I do remember, though, Mistress Rosemarie telling me about her pledge days and part of the pledge requirements were that they all learned to stick up for one another. The strongest would help the weakest.

Myckie Jo, if you volunteered to also participate in Sorority Bitches, even though you won fair and square, it would show everyone that we are sissy clients in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” together.

Mistress Katzenburg would have to be impressed and maybe be more considerate and lenient to all of us as a band of sissies.

Just a thought, sissy billy

    Everybody likes polls better when they win. And I am sure you would have volunteered to complete this assignment even if you had won.

      Hello Myckie Jo. Yes, you are right. I would have much rather won and skipped this assignment. Sarcasm in your comment was deserved by me. I was just jealous and my comment was just bad form. And if I had won, I would not have volunteered.

      Anyway, congratulations on your win and you are lucky to have avoided this. It was not so much fun.

      sissy billy

Myckie Jo – Mistress Rosemarie told me to look at my comments again and she is right, you are right and I am very wrong. I was jealous and upset and afraid thinking about my assignment. I should not have said what I said and I am very sorry.

sissy billy

Dust Off/ Cut Up
Hello All,

I had been working on the assignment of Sorority Bitches. But the dusting will have to stop. My area has been hit with some storms and I have several trees that need to be cut up. I do have several pictures done, but I do not have one from each of the 4 stages.

I will do my best.

pie pie 4 now

Hello pieclowm.

I am so sorry to hear that you were hit by the storms. There has been some bad weather all over the country. It is so terrible. I was lucky. There was a tornado about 1/2 hour south of me, but I just got big winds. Good luck in your cleanup.

This was really a hard assignment. I think it was even harder to do the post then the assignment. There was so much to document and so many pictures to take and post. I thought it was really hard.

I don’t think you have to worry about beating me though. I think I was just thrown, pushed, dragged under the sissy Bus.

Good Luck in finishing and hope you do well.

sissy billy

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