Stacee Skye: Dusting Off

Each time that I am dressed up as a maid, it seems I can get less and less work done. In addition to what you can see, I was well packaged and had several girdle panties on over the two rubber corsets. In case I had any thoughts about actually hearing instructions, my ears were also plugged before the rubber hood was pulled on. The cuffs were even locked on to make sure I couldn’t remove my gloves and get a hint of fresh air.


To make it easier to vacuum, my arms were spread out to the side. I still have no idea how she expected me to get anything done.


After failing at vacuuming, my wrists were clipped in front of me so that I could fail at washing dishes.


The only thing I didn’t fail at, was having my wrists moved to behind my back so that I could be led away for further punishment.



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I was logging on to see how cute my sissy billy looked and the first Post I saw was you. It has been a while since I have looked in on you sissies, but I could not resist to see how each of you dealt with being a maid. My sissy told me she had completed her assignment and I was glad to see others had too.

I don’t think I would hire you as a maid since by your own admission, you seemed to have failed at completing any duties.

I would have loved to see you struggling in your sissy bondage attempts, though, to perform your cleaning duties. And I must say every time I see you your cup size seems to grow. A very nice severe maid outfit.

Good Luck and from the pictures it looks like you need all the luck you can get in finding your way to your bedroom when you are done.

Mistress Rosemarie

I have found that being constantly reminded of my position as a maid, by wearing a butt plug encased in tight panties helps to focus the mind. The larger the plug the greater the concentration. I am also very domesticated but the feel of a nice jelly plug in your sissy pussy is a very welcome

maidsadie xx

Hello sissymaidsadie, you seem to do very well with a butt plug. I have always had trouble with keeping them in place. I have recently been given practice in doing so, but I still have problems. Perhaps I am using the wrong plug for my sissy pussy. Do you have any suggestions.

sissy billy

Thank you Mistress Katezenburg.

sissy billy – I have a really nice purple thick butt plug that is quite thick an inch from the base but goes thin then has a wide bottom. it hurts to begin with but once past the point of no return it feels nice and snug. I also find that a tight pair of satin panties helps to hold it into place.


maidsadie xxx

Thank You sissymaidsadie, I will look for plug as you describe, even though I imagine it will hurt me a lot.

sissy billy

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