Pieclown: Happy New Year

Mistress Katzenburg has issued her first assignment for the new year to me. I am will be dressing up as the hung-over housewife, alone and in bed late into New Years Day.

Well I first started with the basics. Bra, pantie girdle, and pearls.


Next was forms, blouse, and skirt. You can not see the hose and heels, but they were add.


Now for an apron and rubber gloves.


Now for the photo Mistress Katzenburg requested. The clock says 9:45. The heels and pantyhose are now visible. The beer and wine bottles can also be seen.



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Hello pieclown,

I see you had as much fun for New Year as I did. You looked nice. Although I wish I had beer and wine instead of baby food.

sissy billy

Thank you sissy billy. I wanted to do a Donna Reed like housewife.

That would have been really good. I am old enough to have watched that show and she was very attractive to a young boy.

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