Maggie-Rae: Shaving the Great Wooly Bison

This assignment known as Picture Perfect was the last thing I was assigned before my leave of absence from The Institute. As such, this assignment has been hanging over my head for some time, and it wasn’t until today that I finally managed to clear it. Even now I sit in its final result, which will last until I am up to date with my posting and have been restored as an active member of The Institute. The following images tell the ancient story of Cruel Mistress and the enigmatic Great Wooly Bison, how the Great Wooly Bison attempted to sway the Cruel Mistress with a show of sissy submission, only to ultimately be shaved bare and placed in a disgusting, gooey diaper prison.

Please, enjoy the show…

Even now I am still sitting in that pile of goop, though now it feels more like a brick in between my legs than anything. Chronologically, this is the most recent of my completed assignments (to date), and hopefully once complete, it will mark my full return as an active member in good standing of The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment.


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OH MY GOSH Maggie-Rae,

I remember this assignment/punishment now and I can almost feel the icky disgusting goop between my legs now. I was terrible and disgusting then and is the same now as I remember. This is why I am hoping that my baby years as past and I am at least into a little sissy girl stage.

I feel so sorry for you that you had to do all of this in such a short time. At least I had to luxury to fulfill my assignments over a long period of time so I could forget how terrible it was being a sissy and all its punishments.

At least no one can doubt you commitment to becoming a sissy client again by doing all of these sissy requirements.

Just think though, as soon as your are done and back as a sissy client, you get to start soon with all the new sissy fun and games that I am guessing Mistress Katzenburg has planned.

Another well done assignment.

How many more of these punishments did you have to do.

sissy billy

    To silly billy, When you say you felt sorry for maggie-rae when you came out of my office after working on the computer you were smiling. You told me you felt sorry for her, but you were smiling and my guess you were thinking better off maggie-rae then me. When I asked how many posts she had made you said two and you hoped she had lots more to do. My guess you are hoping that it means you will have a few weeks more of your laziness and lack of attention to your sissy duties at the Institute. At least I know you have been making comments, but at the expense of others.

    Mistress Katzenburg, I hope all is well with you and your family and you are catching up on your workload. These sissies have no way of knowing the amount of effort you put in into making them better sissies and they should thank you often. My warning to sissy billy after writing this was that “A sissy should never be idle in her sissy duties and she should beware, because her time will quickly come. Oh – by the way – you should know that sissy billy’s “period” started again today. Oh what a joyous time of the month for my sissy. Mistress Katzenburg

    Sissy billy,

    I know what you mean about hoping to get out of diapers as quickly as possible–I too cannot wait to move past a sissy baby stage. In fact, upon my return as a member of The Institute, I’d be willing to make a bet with you–a series of challenges, winner gets to grow up, loser remains The Institute’s sissy baby bitch for the rest of the year, with Mistress Katzenburg’s blessing of course. Hey, at least one of us could be able to grow up then, that’s something.

    Maggie Rae


      Oh My Gosh, that certainly is a tempting bet since I would love to move onto being a little girl, but looking at you last posts I think you did better posts than I did. You will learn that I still am not a confident sissy and continue to make many many mistakes. I do not want to be a sissy baby all year and because of my seniority as a sissy of the “Institute” I hope Mistress Katzenburg will promote me out of sissy babyhood.

      At least now I sometimes get to share in grownup assignments with pieclown.

      I agree, being the “Institutes” sissy baby bitch is very unpleasant if not totaly terrible.

      sissy billy

Maggie-Rae, What kind of way is that for you to enter you Mistress’ house. Even if she was kind and allowed you to wear your disgusting man clothes to her house you should have insisted on dressing in your proper sissy clothes and then entering the House. I did like the feminine bra and panties. This is definitely the proper way for a sissy to be treated for failing to complete her assignments. A diaper stuffed with icky disgusting poop will make you think twice when you failed as a sissy. I do admire you for finally trying to do all your sissy assignments. I look forward to you performing as a sissy with my sissy and others in the future. Mistress Rosemarie

i like to to have a MISTRESS to turn me into a baby girl all the time and turn me into a feminine all the time and make me wear a bar, panties and a freshman miad things for you and make me performing as a sissy male maid for you to. PLEASE email at to.

OMG! You did it. For all the world to see. I am fighting with myself if/when I post my first assignment. 10-7-11 is the due date. Wish I had someone to shoot them for me. I so much want to be humilated with a “She made me do it” out. Time will tell.

Good lord, you’ve had your chances as best I can tell, now please SHUT UP…

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