Fantasy Island – 11 “Sorority Girl”

When I was in school I often watched the Sorority Girls and would envy them. They looked like they were having so much fun. I wished back then that I could have joined a Sorority. Even then I wanted to wear the outfits that Sorority Girls did and do the fun things they did.

Here was my chance. When the Mistress of “Fantasy Island” asked what my wish would be, I said that I wanted to be a Sorority Girl.

She smiled and told me that at the local school on the Island there was a Sorority and by Luck, they were having final interviews that night and would tell the girls then and there if they were in the Sorority. I was so excited at the opportunity of finally being a Sorority Girl.

The Mistress said that each year they do take one boy as a special case and if I was sure, she thought she could arrange it. Tonight was the formal interview, so she suggested that I go with her assistant to the Fantasy Island Store. I found a nice pair of slacks, a button down collared shirt and even put on a tie so that I would impress the Sorority Girls.

I returned to the Mistress and after she complimented me on how handsome I looked led me to the Sorority House.


Mistress kissed me on the cheek and told me to be a good sissy, just loud enough so all could hear and humiliate me completely once again. The potential Sorority Girls standing waiting to get in for the final interview all looked at me with disdain. I was not to be deterred though. I wanted to finally get the chance to join a Sorority.

We mingled and talked for an hour with the Sorority Girls and they were especially nice to me. Maybe it was because I was going to be their “token” Sorority Boy, but I liked it and was hopeful that I would be excepted.

Finally a number of us were taken out back to the garden and my heart skipped a beat. I thought they were taking us to the back door and we would not be excepted, but it turned out that we were the ones to be accepted and all the others were asked to leave. I was so excited.

However, like most of my wishes, the bottom soon fell out. The Sisters congratulated us and told us that we would know be Sorority Pledges. I had not thought of that. I had heard terrible things about pledging. But, I knew I could do it and was still smiling.

Then they led us to a table on which was a pink flowery Sorority Pledge Pin, a sash like the pageant Girls wear with a flower and a Pledge book for each of us. The Sorority Colors were Pink and White and they looked pretty. We were told that we would wear the Pledge Pin and Sash at all times and never put the Pledge Book down as that was where we would write all our lessons and also where the Sisters would keep track of our demerits. We would wear them to class and everywhere we went.


Another thing I did not think about. The Girls were all excited to wear the Pretty Pin and Sash and carry the book, but they were girls. I was a boy, albeit a sissy boy, and would have to wear them to class for all the school (boys and girls) to see. I would be teased for sure and knew I would be humiliated. The Girl Pledges were proud of their Sorority Pledge accessories and giggled at me as I put mine on. My Pledge Sash even said Sorority Sissy were the others just said Sorority Pledge. My Face turned Red as I blushed.


I had no choice now. I wished to be a Sorority Girl and know I had to Pledge. I was afraid of what was to come, but excited at finally being part of a Sorority.

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happy sissy now i think no dear sissy billie?

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