Maggie Rae: Life Imitates Art

About a week ago, I had a spare afternoon where all my work was done and I had no other real outstanding obligations. To pass the time, I decided to work on my art (I’m not really an artist, but I like to mess around with it none the less). One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I’d finished my first picture in a long time. Wanting to share it, I posted it to Twitter, where it caught the eye of Mistress Katzenburg. Having no outstanding assignment at the time, she decided that my next assignment would be to duplicate the picture that I had drawn. Given how unpleasant the subject matter I’d drawn was, my heart sunk a little, but I pledged to finish my new assignment as quickly as possible…

Here is the original work:


As you can see, I had my work cut out, and an unpleasant time ahead of me. It took a trip to the hardware and fabric stores to get the chain and the materials to make the extra two pairs of cuffs and collar I’d need, and a number of hours to actually assemble said accessories, but in the end I managed pretty well (or so I think). Some elements of the picture I simply have no access to, so I’ve done my best to improvise everything I didn’t have. Finally, before starting, I subjected myself to a number of suppositories to achieve one of the more unpleasant aspects of the picture. As I type this, I’m still chained into my dirty diaper that I’m very much looking forward to removing after this is complete. With all that said, here is the final work.


Hopefully, after this assignment is completed, Brianna Montana can have her title of “Bitch Baby” back, as I have no desire to keep it.


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I missed the pig tails in the art picture and wondered what the purple nubs were for. Your copy cleared that up nicely. The art picture has no “Muffin top” to eat the chain while you are rolled over into oblivia.(may be a diet is in order?) Perhaps a corset would have highlighted the linked waist. I give an “A” for effort. Those “D” rings are impressive and I wonder how you were able to lock everything without assistance. The diaper does not look peed nor messed. Perhaps some correctols swallowed eariler would give a more visual effect than suppositories?
Great effort. Thank You for posting your assignment. I always look forward to your study reports.

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Should I be allowed past the gate

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