Maggie Rae: Chapter 2, A Precarious, Precious Position

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Now without further delay, this week’s chapter…

>Sean groggily opened his eyes. It seemed like he had just gone to sleep and had slept for weeks, all at the same time. Sean tried to remember what had happened to him, but all he could recall was that he was taking a shower with Sarah and then everything went fuzzy. Sean wasn’t that concerned now–he’d had plenty of nights he couldn’t remember–until he went to rub his eyes and found out he couldn’t.

>Looking over towards his right hand, he realized that there was a pink leather cuff that attached his wrist to the headboard of a large pink bed. Looking the other way, he found this wrist too was bound. After trying to move his legs, he realized that he was cuffed spread eagle on a bed that looked like it had been through a cotton candy machine. Everything was pink–and not just the bed. The wallpaper. The furniture. The clothes. It was like a Pepto explosion.

>Sean wasn’t sure what he would find as he lifted his head to look down his body, but he definitely didn’t expect to find a white cotton bra around his chest and a pair of silky, red panties pulled up to his waist. Then again, it wasn’t so much about what he could see, but also what he couldn’t. There was no hair remaining on his body. It was all gone. It looked like everything from his neck down had been shaved smooth.

>As he looked down his body in amazement, a figure in shiny black leather appeared. “Oh, thank god you are here Sarah. Someone has tied me to this bed and put these clothes clothes on me. Please help me get out of here.”

>”Oh, you silly Sean. I am the one who dressed you up like this and tied you down to your bed.”

>”Sarah? You? Let me go NOW.”

>”I will do no such thing. This took way too long to arrange just so I could let you go the first time you asked. No, I think you will be like this for a while. At least you will be dressed this way when you are a good little girl…”

>”I am not a girl Sarah!” Sean interrupted. “Get me out of this!”

>”Sean, you will be quiet or I will ensure that you stay quiet.”

>”Sarah! You WILL let me go immediately.”

>”Since you won’t be quiet on your own, then I guess I will have to help you,” Sarah explained gently as she pulled out a gag, stuck it in and buckled it behind his head. Sean stared choking as the cock gag as it went past his lips and tickled the back of his throat. Sean coughed once and then started to gag.

>”I suggest, dear Sean, that you get hold of yourself and figure out how to breathe with that cock in your mouth. Since you were always so willing to shove it down my throat, I had an exact replica of yours made so that I could shove is back down your throat.” Sean was finally able to get hold of his breathing and stop choking on the rubber invader. “Besides, with your needle dick, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just wait until I find a real man to show you what size a dick should be.”

>”Now, as I was saying, this is how you will dress when you are a good little girl. If you aren’t a good little girl then then your dress will be much more severe. Now, let me show you just a little bit more about your current condition.”

>”As you can see, you are rather precarious, precious position. Would you like to know how you got here?” Sean nodded his head. “Good. Well, it all started about a week ago when I had a surprise for you and started by showing you some of my warming cream.”

>Sarah whiffed the jar under his nose to give him a good jolt before digging out a large glob and rubbing it on his limp member. Sean screamed into his gag as Sarah took her time bringing him to the edge again and again, but never letting him get relief.


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Maggie Rae, I am sorry but I can no longer laugh at You. Your self abuse has gone on too long. Take care of Yourself.

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