Maggie Rae: Chapter 3, Back and Forth

We’re in to week three of my story assignment series, and Mistress Katzenburg has come up with a doozy this week. I’m not looking forward to the assignment coming up in the next couple days, which is pretty clearly spelled out in the story. Be sure to check back this Sunday to check out my fresh misery, and next week where things can only really get worse—I’m sure you can’t wait. For now, however, you’ll just have to make due this this week’s chapter…

>Sean could barely keep his eyes open. He was exhausted from walking around his house and was so mad at Sarah that he wouldn’t see straight. According to Sarah, the reason that he couldn’t remember anything after leaving the pizza place the other night was that she had slipped him an unhealthy dose of the Forget It powder that her dad had been working on at his company. He was the first person that the potent, proprietary blend of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and benzodiazepines had been tried on. He knew nothing of what had happened until almost a week later when he had woken up.

>All of the walking was due to the work that Sarah had him performing. He wasn’t sure why he was picking up a single penny from a cup and then walking it to the far end of his house, only to drop it into a different cup. His entire assignment dealt with transferring that single penny, before walking back to the first cup and repeating until all of the pennies were transferred.

>Even though he still burned with the fire of the menthol gel she had used on him, Sean hoped there was some sort of payoff for playing this crazy sexual game that Sarah had started. For the first dollar’s worth she had him make all of the trips naked, except for a full set of cuffs and a collar that had been locked on. For the next dollar she had packaged him tightly and put a pair of clamps on his nipples. Then she had taken off the nipple clamps and put on an even more vicious pair and shoved a plug up his ass. The fourth dollar had started with the addition of some stiletto heels along with a matching bra and panty set.

>Sean had tried to fight the bra and panties, but when she could manipulate the chains such that he always was tied down, it was just a matter of time before he was dressed as she wished and he had two dollars worth of pennies to transfer. On the last drop Sean turned around to see Sarah waltz into the room.

>”Are you almost finished with that set dear husband?” Sarah asked.

>”Husband?” Sean asked weakly.

>”Oh yes, husband. You do remember getting married after leaving the pizza place the other night, don’t you? You couldn’t keep your hands off me and said we needed to do it right away. And you wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

>Sean couldn’t remember a thing.

>”Would you like me to get those nipple clamps off you and get you into something a little more comfortable?”

>”Yes Mistress Sarah,” Sean dutifully replied. “Please remove these clamps.” For some reason, Sarah was insisting that Sean call her “Mistress Sarah” while she was playing this painful and stupid game. At least it would have a good outcome.

>- – –

>Sean stunk to high heaven and he collapsed onto the pallet she had made him on the floor. She had kept her promise and taken off the clamps, the bra and panties, the plug up his ass, and the bindings that his panties had covered. The happy ending that he had hoped for had unfortunately never come.

>The shoes that had caused him so much pain for the previous trips never left his feet. The panties had been replaced by a giant diaper which spread his legs and made him waddle. The plastic cover kept him from leaking and kept him close to overheating. The cute, simple bra that had fit him before had been replaced with one having the biggest cups he had ever seen. When she had pushed water balloons into the cups, he looks like he had tits even larger than her. To cover the bra, he was wearing a shirt he learned had the name “Bitch” across the back.

>Even breathing, which he normally took for granted, had become much more difficult as Sarah buckled on a phallus gag before dropping another five dollars worth of pennies in the cup. Even as hard as he had worked, there were still more pennies to transfer in the morning. Right now, Sean was sleeping…

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