Maggie Rae: Chapter 5, Hired Help

Last week I had a fairly easy time with my ongoing story assignment series—relatively easy, anyway. 24 hours dressed up is nothing compared to what Mistress Katzenburg has in store for me this week. This story assignment sounds absolutely terrible, and I’m not looking forward to completing it, though I’m sure you all will be plenty amused with it. It will start tonight, finish up tomorrow, and as usual, the results will be posted for your enjoyment on Sunday. So what is it that could possibly be so bad? See for yourself…

>Sean had spent most of the morning and the entire afternoon taking mincing steps across the living room. He remembered telling Becky that he wanted to hire a French maid some day, not so she could do any actual cleaning, but so that she could look nice while doing it. That desire was coming back in spades. The high heels and maid outfit he was wearing made him look a bit like his heavenly personal servant, but the huge tits and giant diaper made every move hell. Sarah had further limited his mobility by locking his wrist cuffs to his posture collar and then strapping weights around his ankles.

>While Sarah could have had him doing useful work, she preferred to keep him busy but useless. She had emptied all of the pennies from the previous tasking out of the cups and hidden them in the cushions of the couch. Sean only had drop to his knees, move a cushion, pick up a penny, put the cushion back, take the penny to the kitchen, drop it in the jar, and then repeat.

>To keep him from being able to finish too quickly, Sarah had set up a dildo in the kitchen–it took three long strokes with the mouth before the dildo sensor would trigger the lid on the jar to open. Sarah was determined to train Sean to be the best cock sucker in town, three strokes at a time. The first few times in the kitchen, Sean hadn’t been willing to suck on the rubber invader, but series of electrical shocks changed his mind as Sarah explained that the shocking mechanism was built into has chastity device, and if he didn’t get a move on, she would up the power enough to ensure that he couldn’t move.

>Sarah also had a bit of fun by occasionally covering the dildo before Sean had to suck on it. She hadn’t felt mean enough to cover it with a jalapeño paste, but that hadn’t stopped her from using mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and dish soap on consecutive trips. Each time the dildo had to be thoroughly cleaned with a tongue before the three strokes could be counted. It was all about keeping him off balance, and Sean thought it would never end…


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Does it ever end? A crossed dressed finish line. seems tasks never finished, always another “HELP WANTED” sign

LOL great story and yea I definatly need a help wanted sign, lol i’m out of control!

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